Dirt Devil Handheld
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The Dirt Devil handheld vacuum is a battery powered cordless vacuum cleaner designed for those spot cleaning jobs around the home. The vacuum’s dimensions are 5 x 8 x 7 inches and it has a rear handle with build in thumb activated power switch. There are built in accessories such as an extendable fold out crevice tool for getting in between sofa cushion and awkward narrow gaps. A detachable over-sized collection cup makes emptying the vacuum very easy. It is powered via a 15.6V rechargeable battery that delivers strong suction and it has good run-times. What makes the Dirt Devil different is its use of Acccharge technology to protect and get the best out of the Ni-cad battery.

Accucharge battery system

The Accucharge system protects the battery from the memory effect which can plague Ni-cad batteries. It ensures that the battery is protected from degradation which means a longer more efficient battery life. Accucharge technology monitors the battery condition during recharge reducing power to only a trickle feed when the battery is fully charged. This maintains the battery’s charge whilst reducing the energy consumption by up to 70%.

Battery performance

The battery performance directly relates to the vucuums performance and its usefulness. Some Ni-cad battery powered hand vacuums require up to 24 hours to recharge between uses. With the Dirt Devil the recharge time is reduced to 6 hours making it available for reuse far more quickly. The battery will retain its charge using the trickle feed when it is resting in the recharger cradle safe from degradation and the memory effect. Run time – the period of time that it can continuously power the vacuum before the charge is spent is up to twenty minutes. This is a big improvement on many other handheld vacuums which typically have run times of less than 10 minutes.

Stylish and practical design

The Dirt Devil has a very stylish and compact design. Its wedge shape enables it to get into tight or narrow spaces and at any angle. The well placed thumb switch makes activating the device simple as it is situated on the handle in easy reach. The flip out crevice tool looks gimmicky but actually works well and is a good length enabling it to slide into awkward spaces such as between sofa cushions and car seats. However because of the rear mounted handle and oversized dirt collection cup the vacuum is quite bulky at the rear and feels unbalanced.

Easy cleaning

The Dirt Devil is easy to clean as the dirt collection cup can be simply tipped into the waste basket and then rinsed out. The internal filters are exchangeable but they can be removed and washed manually.

High performance

The suction generated is surprisingly good and it is able to handle most types of surface. It has a small retractable brush which is suitable for cleaning delicate areas like removing crumbs from keyboards! The surprising thing is though, is that this performance does not seem to come at the expense of the vacuum’s run time as it still operates well and with no noticeable drop of in suction for up to 20 minutes.


Quick recharge and long run time

The Dirt devil recharges in 6 hours and runs for 20 minutes. A desk or wall mounting recharger keeps the battery on trickle charge to reduce energy bills.


Difficult or handle

Awkward and unbalanced shape and weight distribution takes some getting used too.


A very good, power efficient, handheld vacuum with good suction, performance and accessories.