Dyson DC34 Handheld Review
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The Dyson DC34 is a powerful hand-held vacuum that is built on innovative technology. It delivers surprising performance due to its patented motor and filtering system. The motor – the Dyson Digital Motor v2 – spins at three times the speed of any conventional motor at 104,000 rpm. It doesn’t emit any carbon dust as there are no carbon brushes. It is also not only faster but much lighter than the motor’s powering other hand-held vacuums. The motor is powered via Lithium Ion battery rated at 22.2 volts that is quick to recharge and can maintain its charge for months. The accessories that come with the vacuum are a wide nozzle attachment which is useful for picking up larger particle and this can readily convert into a brush tools which is suitable for delicate items such a computer keyboard. There is also a crevice tool which is ideal for those narrow awkward areas like down the back of the sofa or rear car seats. The Dyson’s technology and specifications appear dazzling so how does it perform?

Powerful suction

The Dyson’s motor certainly produces powerful suction due to the fast spinning lightweight motor and the cyclone filtration system maintaining a clear air flow at all times. Because there are no blockages in the filter due to the cyclone technique – dirt gets thrown straight into the collector – there is a steady, consistent airflow. When combined with a steady delivery of power from the lithium battery this relates to a strong, steady suction with no fade. There are two power settings on the Dyson a standard suction and a turbo suction – though the turbo significantly reduces battery run-time.

Lithium battery performance

The lithium battery is a major advancement as it recharges in a few hours as opposed to Ni-cad batteries 24 hours. Lithium Ion batteries also maintain their charge for many months. The Lithium battery however does not significantly change the run-time – the period of time that the device can work continuously before the battery packs up. When buying any battery powered device you should be aware or have realistic expectations of a batteries performance. With the Dyson running continuously on the standard mode the run-time is around six minutes. If you use turbo expect to get no more than 4 minutes.

What is it best suited for?

The Dyson is best suited for impromptu spot cleaning it may if you are conservative with the power sufficient for a studio apartment, but it really is designed for small clean up jobs around the house or workshop.

Futuristic yet practical design

The Dyson certainly looks different it seems to be a cross between a power drill and a machine gun. However despite its strange appearance, the clever if unusual design is very practical as it distributes the vacuum’s weight evenly giving it a very balanced feel. It also has well thought out features such as a hands’ clean method of emptying the dirt collector.

So how does it perform?

This is a where the Dyson is most surprising, for despite all the technology and Sci-fi looks it is very ordinary. In fact some features such as the well balanced feel disappear when you try to use the vacuum. This is simply because in order to conserve run time and battery life the ‘on’ switch has to be held down. However its location makes that difficult to do when trying to twist and turn the vacuum into position. And it is that position that is key, because despite all its power the Dyson needs to maintain a certain angle to the surface being cleaned or it just doesn’t suck anything up.


Build Quality

This is a well-built vacuum.


Awkward angle to pick up dust

The Dyson needs to be held at a specific and sometimes awkward angle to get the best out of its powerful suction.


A very good vacuum for spot cleaning the home or car – but short run time makes it unsuitable for anything other than small impromptu clean ups.