Dyson V6 Reviews
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Powerful, cordless handheld vacuum 2-tier radial cyclones, a brush, and crevice tool

The Dyson V6 handheld vacuum (same as Dyson DC58 Handheld) is the most powerful handheld vacuum you can get. Using intense Dyson technology, the motor and special 2-tier radical cyclones provide constant, strong suction that can handle pet hair, food debris, and more. You also get a dusting brush and crevice tool with this vacuum, so you can do more precise, detailed cleaning in hard-to-reach areas.

2-tier radial cyclones

A big reason the suction is so good on this little vacuum is because of the 2-tier radial cyclone system. It is an arrangement of parallel cyclones (a total of 15) across two levels in the vacuum that create centrifugal forces. These centrifuges catch tiny bits of dust and cleaning the air. The airflow on this vacuum goes through the center of all these cyclones so suction stays powerful. Large debris is captured as well by the cyclones and everything goes into the dust cup.

V6 motor

Another reason the Dyson V6 Trigger has such good suction is because of its motor. This 350W motor spins three times faster than regular motors, so you get a ton of power with this thing. With this motor, the cyclones are constantly fueled by battery power for constant suction.

20, 17, or 6 minutes of continuous suction

With the cyclones and motor, you have three power setting options with the Dyson V6. The battery charges three times faster than other batteries and offers 20 minutes of vacuuming on the standard vacuuming setting. If you’re using the motorized tool, you get 17 minutes, and if you want a little extra power on deeply-ground dirt and air, turn on the Boost mode for 6 minutes.



Using this handheld is incredibly convenient. Not only does it provide superior cleaning on a variety of surfaces, but it fits snugly into the shape of your hand so your arm doesn’t get tired after all your vacuuming. Because it’s a handheld, it’s incredibly easy to store and you can take it anywhere you need to vacuum – your house, your car, your boat, and so on.


As stated earlier, this is the most powerful handheld vacuum you can get. With most handhelds, it would be a fool’s errand to try and get out deeply-embedded pet hair or dirt. You would have to stick with an upright vacuum. However, with the motor and cyclonic action, you can work on deep, thick carpets and get great results.

Easy empty

When you’re finished with all the vacuuming, the V6 Trigger is easy to empty. The bin is transparent so you can clearly see when it’s full, and emptying it as simple as pushing a button while you hold the handle, so you don’t have to pry anything out with your fingers.


Short battery life

Because it’s cordless and operated by a battery, you still won’t get as much vacuuming time as you would with a corded vacuum. 17 minutes may seem like a good amount of time, but if you’re vacuuming up all the stairs in your house, that time goes fast. When you’re working on extra hard areas, you get significantly less time with only 6 minutes. A good plan would be to vacuum up everything with a regular vacuum, and then go over again with the handheld to pick up the really tough stuff.

Overall Review

The Dyson V6 Trigger (or Dyson DC58) is a very impressive handheld vacuum. It has significantly more power than other handheld vacuums, the battery charges faster, and features like the crevice tool and Boost mode help you get every bit of your house, even the hard-to-reach areas with lots of grime and hair. If you’ve been looking for a handheld vacuum to use on your stairs or other areas where an upright or canister just doesn’t fit, this is the handheld to get.