Eureka EasyClean 71B Review
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The Eureka EasyClean is designed with cleaning stairs in mind. It has a riser visor feature that flips up to allow both horizontal and vertical cleaning for example when cleaning the carpet on stair risers. Being corded and mains powered it has no power constraints like other handhelds. This means it can deliver power where it is needed to the suction and to the directly motorized brushes. In order to optimize these features the EasyClean uses two motors one for suction and another to drive the rollers and brushes.

Rugged practical design

The Easy Clean is designed for performance hence its two motor design. It provides power where it is needed. The suction is provided by a 5.5 amp dedicated motor which provides a lot of suction. The clean area is only six inches wide which optimizes it for cleaning stairs and steps. It has a twenty foot power cord that wraps around the back of the body when not in use. The accessories are stored onboard so too avoid being misplaced and for easy quick action. The crevice tool fits onto the end of the extendable hose which enables the vacuum to then be concentrated on small hard to get too spots.

Cleans carpets and wooden floors

The flip up On or Off brush roll can be flipped over when either cleaning carpets of wooden flooring.

The riser visor nozzle cover

The Easy Clean has an intuitive design feature called the Riser Visor which is a nozzle cover that is made of clear plastic. The visor stays down when the vacuum is working horizontally such as when cleaning a stair carpet. However it flips over and back to allow the roller brushes to reach the vertical carpet on the stair risers.


Perfect for stairs

The Eureka EasyClean is designed to be optimized for cleaning stair carpets hence its riser visor tool.

Powerful suction

The EasyClean has a dedicated 5.5 amp motor that provide suction a spate motor provides drive for brushes and rollers.

Good for cleaning cars

With its long power cord the EasyClean handheld vacuum iss ideal solution for cleaning the inside of cars. The crevice tool is good at getting into all the small areas whilst the visor risor excels at the vertical areas of upholstery.

Easy cleaned

The dust container is easily removed and emptied. The filters are washable.


Emptying the collector can be messy

The dust collector is easily removed but you have to tap out the compacted dust and it tend to go everywhere, so do it over a wide bin.

A little bit on the heavy side

The EasyClean is described as a handheld and at 5 pounds and fitted with wheels that might be stretching the definition but it can be awkward to hold and manipulate due to the fat handle grip.

Unable to clean the rollers

This is an inherent problem with both the Eureka RapidClean and the EasyClean the rollers get matted with hair and simple grind to a halt. There are no instructions or easy way to access the rollers for cleaning.


The EasyClean is a hugely popular and successful handheld vacuum. It is especially useful for cleaning stairs and the vertical stair risers. It has plenty of suction and is easily cleaned though cleaning the filters takes more time. The rollers and how to access them for cleaning remains an issue that doesn’t seem to have been addressed.