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The Eureka RapidClean 41a is a corded handheld vacuum designed with stairs and hard floors in mind. Being corded it doesn’t have the power constraints of other battery powered handheld vacuums. Instead the RapidClean is fitted with a 25 ft power cord which along with its three foot hose allows it a range of 28 ft. It is powered from a standard 120v outlet that drives a 6 amp motor. The Rapid clean is 6.8 pounds and 15 x 8 x 17 in dimension. It comes with a crevice tool for accessing those difficult to get at locations.

What is it best suited for?

Being corded and mains powered removes all the time restriction from the RapidClean handheld vacuum. It is no longer restricted to only a handful of minutes before it conks out it can work all day long. Therefore it is not restricted to impromptu quick clean ups or spot cleaning it can do anything that is required so long at it is in the close vicinity of a power socket – 25 ft.

Best for hard surfaces and stairs

What the RapidClean is designed for though is cleaning wood flooring and stairs. Therefore it can been designed with a flip down on/off brush roll and a bare floor brush which is used to easily clean non carpeted stairs and floors. Flip the brush up and turn on the brush roll and you can clean deep carpets and upholstery. The vacuum also is fitted with easy roll wheels to protect wooden floors. By design the RapidClean has a clean area of six inches which makes it ideal for cleaning steps and stairs.

Easy to clean … but often.

The RapidClean does not have an internal dust bag instead it uses a dust canister with washable filters that enable easy cleaning and maintenance. There is a concern though regards the size of the dust collector it seems it is not large enough as it needs constant emptying and maintenance. The filters also quickly block reducing the suction power and they have to be removed and brushed off. This is all easy to do just it becomes tedious very quickly.

Good practical design with some flaws

The RapidClean is well designed for cleaning stairs and wooden floors. The flip over floor brush and brush roll means it’s is easy to quickly change over from carpet to wood with the flick of a switch. The power cord is long enough for all but the highest staircases and the 6 inch clean are is perfect for individual steps. The powerful 6 amp motor supplies plenty of suction so there is no worry on that point. Where there is a concern with the design is that it has rollers and these naturally pick up matted hair and all sorts of debris so need cleaning. The problem is with the RapidClean it is difficult to gain access to them as the bottom plate isn’t removable. This seems to be a major oversight.

Mains power no battery concerns

The Rapid Clean is mains powered and has a 25 ft reach.

Easy to operate

The RapidClean is easy to operate and clean.

Dust collector too small

The Rapid Clean requires emptying too often, filters clog easily and dry wiping has little effect.

Design flaw with the rollers

The rollers are inaccessible for cleaning as the bottom plate cannot be removed this means the rollers get all clogged up with hair.


A good vacuum for cleaning stairs and wooden floors it has good performance and is easily cleaned which is just as well as you have to do it often. The roller cleaning flaw will need addressing.