Handheld Vacuum BH50030
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The Hoover Cordless Pet Handheld is as its name implies designed and aimed specifically at those with the problem of cleaning pets’ hair of carpets and upholstery. The vacuum is of course multi-purpose but it has been developed to tackle one of the hardest tasks for any cordless vacuum removing those stubborn tangled pets’ hairs. In order to achieve this Hoover have come up with some intriguing accessories and techniques that make this vacuum different from any other.


The accessories are one of the most innovative features of Hoover’s LiNX vacuum. This is because unlike other handheld cordless vacuums which have a brush extension which is agitated by the airflow, the LiNX has a motorized brush head. This really works on loosening and lifting stubborn hairs and other debris from carpets and upholstery. Even if you don’t have pets it is great for fluffing up carpets and cushions. Another accessory is the special brush roll which has a 25 degree pivot allowing for greater range and maneuverability. The roll also ejects easily for cleaning. A further option is the deluxe dusting brush which is used for cleaning delicate objects such as computer keyboards and Hi-Fi equipment. There is also a pet upholstery tool which has a triple blade design that is optimized for lifting pet hair from upholstery.

High performance

The Hoover LiNX is a high performance vacuum powered by a removable Lithium Ion battery. When it requires recharge the battery is removed from the vacuum and placed into the charger. This has one obvious advantage over the integrated batteries used in many other vacuums’ in that if you purchase an additional battery you can always have one charged and ready to go. This alleviates the problem cordless vacuums’ have of short run times. As for run time the LiNX can go for up to 12 minutes without performance degradation or fade – that is about twice the average for cordless vacuums. The recharge takes up to three hours as it is a Lithium battery it will maintain its charge for months.

What is it best suited for?

It is designed and marketed for dealing with those pesky pet problems around the house though it can be used for any general purpose spot clean in the home or workshop.

Great performance

The removable 18 V Lithium battery produces good run time with no fade.

Great range of attachments

Really well designed and practical accessories such as the motorized brush head and the pet hair removal tool.

Removable battery

By having a removable battery it means you don’t have to wait hours for the battery to recharge you can simply pop in a pre-charged replacement. By cycling the batteries your vacuum will always be available for use.

High end vacuum

This is a high end quality vacuum so expect to pay top of the range prices.


This is an excellent high end cordless vacuum. It is powerful, efficient and very well designed. The accessories are also a big differentiator from the other high end cordless vacuums’ as they are just so well thought out.