834546000428 Cool Mist Humidifier
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The Air-O-Swiss AOS 7147 Ultrasonic Humidifier is a device that generates extremely fine mist which when blown into the room, evaporates immediately. It has a preheat functions which allows the mist to be released at 104°F. Its ITC technology, which is Intelligent Temperature Compensation, helps in monitoring the temperatures and adjust the mist output when the weather conditions change. The AOS 7147 can be used in an area of about 600 sq. ft. The unit also has a timer that can be set for a specified time period or the humidifier can be run continuously. This ultrasonic humidifier also has a demineralization cartridge that can be replaced as and when required. This cartridge helps in maintaining a water mist that is free of lime and other mineral residue.

Built and Appearance

The AOS 7147 has a very neutral look and can be placed comfortably in any room of the house. The unit is to be placed at least 3 feet above the floor, and away from any returning or heating vents. Unless there is a provision otherwise, the unit is visible enough, but does not stand out like an odd man out. The plastic used is good quality and does not look flimsy. The LED lights on the unit are bright enough to be used as a night light. The unit runs an animation throughout the time it runs on the continuous mode. This may be disruptive for most people unless they plan to use the unit’s light as a night light instead of a separate light. The transparent tanks allow for easy monitoring of the water level in the device.


The unit makes a low humming sound when operating. This humming sound is unobtrusive and does not disturb sleep. The unit can be used in a bedroom and does not interrupt even light sleepers.


The AOS 7147 operates on 3 settings: low, moderate and high. The tank can be slightly tricky to refill. It refills from the bottom and needs to be turned upside down for the purpose. Once filled, it needs to be turned back around for it to sit properly on the base. Also, the settings need to be re-entered every time the device is turned on. The buttons may need to be handled with a little more pressure than might be thought, the key press is registered with a soft beep.

Cleaning and maintenance

This ultrasonic humidifier needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid any residual build up. The filter mechanism is fixed to the lid, which makes taking the lid off quite a task. Turning the tank over after refilling needs to be mastered to ensure minimal water spillage. Also, since the unit has a demineralization cartridge, the residual build up is less, and hard water can be used as effectively as soft or distilled water. the cartridge may need to be changed from time to time.