Honeywell QuietCare 9-Gallon
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The Honeywell HCM-6009 Quietcare Console Humidifier is a cool moisture humidifier specifically designed for multi-room or use in large spaces. The HCM 6009 has adjustable humidity control settings and options for multiple outputs. Almost 30% more quiet than other in range humidifiers, it allows for better and enhanced sleep quality and also reduces static energy build up due to dryness. The adjustable humidity controller helps in maintaining a desired level of air humidity, and relieving discomfort due to dry air, such as cough and congestion. The huge 9 gallon serves a room as big as 1900 square feet, for a period of 24 hours is filled to full capacity.

Dual water tanks

One of the main pros of the HCM-6009 is its high capacity dual water tank. The 2 parts of the tank can be removed, filled and set in separately, making the process of filling, cleaning and using much more easy. Each tank holds about 4.5 gallons of water, and lasts really long. The dual tank system allows for one tank to be kept in place when one empties and needs refilling. This eliminates the need to switch off the system when refilling the tanks.

Quiet quality

The HCM 6009 is a quiet machine. At the lowest setting it would be hard to make out if it is working would it not have been for the indicator lights. On the high fan setting though, the machine makes a slight noise, which is absolutely unobtrusive and can be classified as white noise. A machine operating in the bedroom does not disrupt sleep.


The machine automatically senses the water quantity and works accordingly. In case the water in the tank finishes, the machine stops operating. Switching between tanks is equally easy. When an empty tank is removed from the base, the other tank automatically starts supplying water for the humidifier to operate.


The Honeywell Quietcare comes with caster which makes it highly portable and easy to move around. The bigger venting unit can be moved from one room to the other easily, to disseminate optimally humidified air.

Cleaning and maintenance

The machine is easily portable which makes taking to the place to cleaning easy. The filter is reusable and can be used as many times till it wears off. A new filter is not required to be purchased every time the machine is cleaned. The filter can be turned inside out or cleaned and reused with after each cleaning. Cleaning the tanks and the unit is simple. The top of the machine can be removed along with each tank being individually detachable. The base can be cleaned individually, and so can each of the tanks, the top and the filter. These can then be put back together.


The unit is a stylish and tastefully designed piece which does not look out of place when being used in a room.