Evaporative Recirculating Humidifier
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Lasko 1128 is an evaporative humidifier, with a huge putting out capacity of about 9 gallons. Since this a recirculating humidifier, it can be used to humidify multiple rooms. The unit runs on 3 speed settings: low, medium and high. Since this is an evaporative humidifier, it needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure removal of deposit and off-odor. The unit has an automatic shutdown option when the required humidity level is reached. There is also a quaint plastic window on one side of the unit in which the water trickles down, as an indication that the unit is operational.


The Lasko 1128 is a slightly huge, plastic unit, which, even though not very elegant, does not too bad either. The plastic body is not very strong, with a small window on one side where the water trickles down. This is an indication that the unit is operational. The tank is situated inside the body, and is not visible on the outside. Hence, judging the water level is not easy thus.


The unit works on 3 speed modes: low, medium and high. It does not require to be refilled during the day of it is run on the low setting. The tank can easily be filled while the unit is operating. Ideal for large spaces, the 1128 works effectively for a 3200 sq. ft. area. It is more effective if placed near a cold air return. An empty side window is indication of an empty water tank.


The unit comes with one filter. The company advises on using filtered water to reduce the frequency and amount of mineral build up. This reduces the wearing out of the filter, and the deposit in the water tank. If using tap water, the tank and the filters need to be cleaned regularly to prevent hardening. Alternatively, the filters can be easily replaced. The best option is to purchase filters from Lasko, and use them instead of purchasing single filters from the brick and mortar shop.


The unit is fairly quiet, but makes a little noise when running on the high mode. The fan blades’ rotation is what causes this noise. When running on the low setting, there is not too much noise and the device can easily be used in a bedroom.


The unit comes with hard, small plastic caster wheels. While wheels are acceptable, the plastic in which they are set is low quality and almost flimsy. Besides this the unit is easily portable.

Cleaning and maintenance

The unit needs to be cleaned regularly. Since this is an evaporative humidifier, tap water is not advisable if cleaning is not regular. Using tap water will increase the mineral and salt residue and increase the frequency of cleaning the tank, and the machine. The filter also needs to be cleaned, and replaced in case of wear. Regular cleaning will help in eliminating any odor or build up in the machine.