Roolen BR01W
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The Roolen Breath Ultrasonic Cool mist Humidifier claims to be the ‘most intelligent humidifier’, with adjustable humidity control settings. The humidifier works on 3 settings: auto, high and low, which can be adjusted as per required. The high setting produces immense mist and can be used in extremely dry area. The automatic setting sense the required humidity level and maintains it instinctively once reached. The machine is design is compact and holds about 3.5 liters of water. The design is simple and minimalistic with hardly any buttons. The unit is energy efficient and aesthetically designed and looks very elegant when placed in the house.


Roolen’s Breath is very elegantly designed. Very modernistic looking, the simple and minimalistic “tower-like” design is aesthetic and appealing. There are not too many buttons or lights on the body, and there is one simple button that controls the high, low and the auto setting. The sleek machine does not have grip areas to aid in holding it. Hence, the only way to hold or pick up the unit, say for refilling or cleaning, is to hold directly around the tank. The sole indicator light on the machine denotes the mode on which the unit is running on, and notifies in case the water tank is empty.


The Breath humidifier is a silent machine and works well with light sleepers also. The only sound the machine makes is the occasional gurgling of the water inside. Besides which the machine is extremely quiet and almost “whisper like”.


The Roolen Breath humidifier works on 3 modes: low, high and auto. The automatic mode does not allow for a user controlled humidity level, but instinctively maintains a comfortable level. The modes can be controlled with the single button which is placed at the back of the model. A disadvantage of the Roolen Breath humidifier is that the direction of the mist cannot be controlled. The machine does not use a filter. Hence, any minerals and salts in the water will also be dispersed in the air along with the mist. It is hence important to use filtered water to prevent build-up of white residue all over the place.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning with vinegar is required once a week if tap water is used in the humidifier. In case of filtered water being used, cleaning may be done once in 15 days. Refilling the tank can be tricky initially. The model must be carried vertically at all times. Slight tilting causes the water in the base to spill. The tank in itself is easy to refill. It is recommended that during refilling and carrying the machine from one point to another, the tank and the base be carried separately to avoid any water spillage. The machine is a “cool mist humidifier” and uses ultrasonic technology which eliminates the use of a wick or heating coil. This makes the cleaning easier and reduces the number of parts the need to be cleaned separately.