Warm Mist Warm
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The Vicks Warm mist humidifier is an inexpensive solution to home humidity control issues. With the capacity of a gallon, it operates for almost 12 hours on a full tank. Operating on 2 speeds, it comes with a medicine cup for pouring Kaz Inhalent or Vicks Vaposteam for a medicated warm mist than can aid in soothing congestion, cold and nasal blockage. The humidifier is also easy on maintenance as quite a few of its parts can be easily washed in a dishwasher. The humidifier works best for smaller rooms, but does well for medium rooms as well.


The warm mist humidifier looks pretty standard. Made of plastic, it is not very elegant, but does not “kill the vibe” of the décor of the room. The transparent tank allows for easy monitoring of the water level. The plastic is slightly flimsy which does not look too classy. Overall, the humidifier does not look very impressive. The handles on both sides makes holding and carrying the humidifier easier.


The warm mist humidifier is silent and quieter than its cool mist variant. The only sound it makes is a faint gurgling, aquarium in a room. The sound is unobtrusive and almost soothing. On the low setting, it operates on an almost whisper like sound level.


The device operates on 2 speed levels: low and high. It also has an auto shut off option. This means that the device will shut down automatically if the water in the tank finishes. This prevents any burnouts and reduces chances of the unit getting damaged. Also, the tank is a 1 gallon capacity, which goes on for about 24 hours on a single full refill, when run on a low setting. The warm mist humidifier also has a medicine cup which allows for pouring a Vaposteam or inhaler liquid to help medicate and soothe dry throats, noses and skin. In a small room, it also creates a significant temperature difference, and the mist plume is visible. Also the unit does not heat up. So it can be handled safely around children as well. Since it does not heat up, unlike other warm mist humidifiers, it eliminates the chances of burns. Using filtered or distilled water is advised. Tap water contains minerals and salts, which will increase the frequency of cleaning.


Cleaning the warm mist humidifier is easy. The parts: the water tray, medicine cup and cooling chamber can be washed in a dishwasher, but the water tank needs to be cleaned manually. Also, the humidifier needs to be cleaned at least once a week to keep in good condition. Humidifier cleaning solutions can be used to clean and disinfect the device. Cleaning also ensures removal of any build up or mould formation. Not cleaning regularly can lead to the plastic cracking due to unwanted build up. Cleaning is important even if using distilled water, as even distilled water is not completely pure.