Vicks Ultrasonic Cool Humidifier
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Vicks’s Ultrasonic Humidifier, the V5100NS is a cool mist humidifier, suitable for small rooms. This cool mist humidifier comes with an integrated scent pad heating element which disseminates Vicks vapors throughout the room. It also comes with an adjustable mist control which aids in monitoring the level of humidity. The tank is removable and can hold up to 1.2 gallons, operating for roughly 20 hours on each filling. The mist “plume” direction can be also controlled using the directional mist. The visible and cool mist aids in providing relief from congestion and cough, temporarily, and keeps the air optimally humidified to suit the user’s need.


The V5100NS is a potent humidifier, unlike a hot humidifier, does not convert water into vapor. The ultrasonic humidifier contains a small metal plate which agitates the water molecules. Any dissolved and suspended particles in the water tank, will also be agitated and expelled with the water molecules when the humidifier disseminates the mist. This means all the dissolved minerals and contaminants will also be atomized and expelled along with the mist. Therefore, in the case of this cool humidifier, it is best to use filtered water, which is almost pure and does not contain any mineral or other impurities. The filter that comes with the device can be used in case pure distilled water isn’t used. This will require regular cleaning of the filter to ensure cleanliness and effectiveness of the humidifier. The humidifier does not shut down automatically when the desired humidity level is reached or when the water in the tank runs out. The tank needs to be places upside down on the base which requires a practice to prevent spillage.


The device is also extremely quiet and does not interrupt sleep. It can be used in a bedroom without causing any disruption to sleep.


The large water tank allows for continuous usage for about 20 hours without the need to refill. The mist is produced in large quantities and the mist plume is clearly visible. The direction controller helps in maintaining the angle and direction of the plume to maximize coverage and effectiveness. The see-through blue water tank makes it easy to monitor the water level.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It is a task to clean the device. While the cleaning in itself is not difficult, the nuances are what make it a task. The water tank is removable, and drips when removed from the base. Which means keeping a tissue or towel handy will help. When the unit is running and producing mist, the water from the tank is drained into the base, where it is converted to mist. The tank needs to removed carefully as the base if full and there may be spilling if care if not taken. Also, cleaning is a regular task. The V5100NS needs to be cleaned once a week to prevent the scum from growing and keeping the filter and the humidifier clean.