99 999 Germ Free Humidifier
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The Vicks UV Germ Free humidifier is designed with a patented UV chamber which kills 99.99% germs, including spores, mold and bacteria. The dual tanks work uninterrupted when filled to full capacity for about 24 hours. The medicine cup allows for pouring vaposteam medication to ease issues due to dry air including congestion, cough, dry throat and skin. The multiple output settings allow for controlling humidity. Each tank can be filled separately. One tank can be detached and filled while the unit operates using the other tank. The tanks are transparent and a soothing blue, which makes monitoring the water level easy. The unit is appealing and does not look out of place.

Built and Appearance

The unit is made of good quality plastic which makes it quite a sturdy piece. There are two separate tanks, each blue and transparent, which provide a very appealing look to the device. The controls are on the front, and easy to use. The LED is blue in color and matches the device, but the brightness may irritate some people. Alternatively, this blue LED can be used as a nightlight if the unit is placed in a bedroom for the night. This blue LED is extremely bright and may distract or disrupt sleep.


This UV humidifier has 2 separate tanks which hold a good quantity of water reducing the need to refill repeatedly. This humidifier can easily be used to moisten optimally an area of up to 400 sq. ft. it usually takes a few minutes before the steam starts to generate. Water can be filled in the tanks easily. Each of the 2 tanks are easily detachable. If one tank empties out, the device switches over to the other tank. So, the empty tank can then be removed, filled and attached without having to switch off the device.


The Vicks UV humidifier is a silent machine and does not make too much sound. The only “noise” it makes is the gurgling of the water, similar to that in an aquarium. The sound is not obtrusive and can be considered as white noise.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Vicks UV Humidifier needs to be cleaned regularly. The unit does not have a filter, but instead, mineral pads are available which aid in reducing mineral build up. The tanks need to be cleaned regularly using bleach, or vinegar solution to keep them clean. Since the unit does not use filter, the added expense of purchasing new filter every time the old one wear out is eliminated. The Vicks UV humidifier is a low maintenance device and does not need to be cleaned too much. A thorough cleaning once in 2, maybe 3 weeks, will help in keeping it clean. Also, if using tap or hard water, the frequency of cleaning may increase. Using distilled or filtered water is thus advisable. This will help in reducing the mineral build up (if any) and the frequency of cleaning required.