Whole Room
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Whole room humidifier up to 700 sq. ft.

The Vornado Evap3 evaporative humidifier is a powerful humidifier which can be used to maintain the humidity in an area of about 700 sq. ft. with ease. This is possible due to its skillfully designed deep pitched blades. The machine uses vortex circulation to cater to a large area such as mentioned above. The controls are easy and self-explanatory with appealing LED lights to confirm the settings. With a tank capacity of about 1.5 gallons, the machine provides output of almost 2.6 gallon per day. The humidity level and the fan speed can be adjusted as required. Alternatively, when operating in the automatic mode, the machine’s humidistat adjusts as per the humidity in the room and adjusts the humidity controls and fan speed as required. The machine is appealing and is aesthetically designed.


The unit has one 1.5 gallon water tank which provides about 2.6 gallon output when filled to the capacity, and works without needing a refill for 24 hours. When used on the high fan speed, the tank may need to be refilled twice daily. The tank is transparent which allows for easy monitoring of the water level. When set on the automatic humidity control, the machine initially utilizes more water till a desired humidity level is reached, post which the water utilization decreases to maintain the humidity of the room.

Sound and Noise

The humidifier is a quiet unit which operates silently on the low fan setting. The high fan setting may produce white noise, which may intrude a light sleeper’s sleep. The noise is not overbearing or intrusive. The ‘noise’ may occur only initially on running the unit on high fan speed, and usually subsides when it runs for some time.


The Evap3 humidifier comes with 2 filters which are installed in the machine. These filters tend to harden if the water is hard, due to the build-up of minerals and salts. This hardening can be avoided with regular cleaning and use of bacteriostatic water treatment. As stated by the manufacturers, the normal life of a filter is about 8 weeks, but can be extended by another week or two if the filters are cleaned and cared for properly. Purchasing new filters is an ongoing cost in maintaining the machine. Since the machine uses wick type filter, they need to maintained and cleaned regularly, and eventually, new filters will need to be purchased.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning the Evap3 is simple. The parts can be detached and reassembled with ease. The tank, inlet grill, and the base can be cleaned separately using a solution of weak vinegar. The machine should be cleaned regularly to clear any mineral build up, or algae formation. The parts can be lifted out easily, with the inlet grill being detachable using a latch for its release.


The Vornado Evap3 picks up dust easily when placed on the floor. It thus requires to be placed on a slightly elevated platform where the dust intake will be reduced.