Vornado Air Quiet
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The Vornado Air HUI 0021-28R Whole Room Whisper Quiet Evaporative Humidifier is a suitable unit to maintain the humidity in a medium sized room with ease. The reliance of evaporative humidification is combined with the company’s signature Full room circulation in this effective and efficient humidifier. The deep pitched blades allow for the moistened air to be circulated throughout the room easily, including any stuck up hot air near the ceiling. The device has about 1.8 gallon capacity which reduces the frequency of refilling. The device is also low maintenance.

Built and appearance

The unit has separate and divided water and evaporation chambers which eliminate the possibility of any bugs or junk falling in the water. The water tank is dark and hence makes monitoring the water level difficult. The indication for water level is provided by small indication lights on either side of the device.


The device works quietly and does not disrupt sleep. In the low mode, the noise is almost non-existent. In the moderate and high mode the sound is a light hum which can be considered white noise. It is not intrusive and does not disrupt sleep. The humidifier can be easily placed in a bedroom at night.


The unit runs on 3 fan speeds: low, medium and high. It is optimal for spaces as large as 900 sq. ft. The humidifier has an auto switch off and on ability which depends on the humidity level of the house. If the required humidity is reached, it automatically turns off. The powerful fan with deep blades circulates the air throughout the room, including any hot air that may be stuck up on the ceiling. The humidifier runs uninterrupted for about a day, on low setting, without having to be refilled.

Cleaning and Maintenance

This evaporative humidifier is low maintenance and east to clean. The tanks are easily detachable and can be cleaned using bleaching powder or vinegar solution. The filter need to be soaked regularly to ensure there is not hardening and build up in them. Using hard water may lead to increased frequency of the cleaning cycles. Hence, soft or distilled water is recommended. Also, if the unit is not cleaned at regular intervals during and post the season before storing, there may be mold formation, which obviously is unhygienic and dirty. Since the new design allows for less water to sit at the base, it also reduces the growth of mold in the unit. It can thus be cleaned every alternate week.

Water tank

The water tank in this unit is easily detachable for refilling and cleaning purposes. The tank is not transparent, hence water levels cannot be monitored easily. There are lights indicative of the water level on either side of the unit. The tank has a huge holding capacity of about 1.8 gallons.