White ICE-20 Automatic
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Quick, fully-automatic ice cream maker that makes 1.5 quarts of frozen desserts

The Cuisinart ICE-20 is a fast, durable frozen dessert maker that is affordable and versatile, creating ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and frozen drinks in a half hour or less. The double-insulated freezer bowl negates the need for ice or chemicals, and unlike some higher-end machines with smaller units, you can make 1.5 quarts of ice cream at once.

Easy, tidy prep and clean-up

If you like lots of mix-ins with your ice cream, the large spout for ingredients makes adding goodies much easier and tidier than with separate topping containers with narrow spouts. The mixing arm does all the work, so no need to pre-mix before. When clean-up time comes, the arm and bowl are all removable and can be washed individually for a thorough clean.

Compact and powerful

With the few parts assembled, the ICE-20 weighs only about 9 pounds, which is much lighter than many other similar ice cream makers. Its compact body makes it easy to store on a kitchen counter or to take along when you travel. Despite its size, the integrated motor is still powerful and mixes ingredients into smooth, creamy ice cream.


Easy assembly and use

Assembling the ICE-20 out of the box is a breeze and done within seconds. With just two buttons (“on” and “off”), the machine is also extremely easy to use. The lid simply snaps on and off, and you can watch as the ice cream is created.

Ingredient flexibility

In addition to the classic heavy cream and sugar, you can experiment with low-fat, gourmet, and vegan ingredients with excellent results. The large ingredient spout fits larger mix-ins like chunks of chocolate or fruit.

Machine is fast

A big plus to the ICE-20 is how fast it can make ice cream. Leave the machine on for 30 minutes and you get enough ice cream for a family of four. If you half a recipe, the ice cream gets done even faster in about ten minutes.


Getting ice cream cold enough is an issue

A problem with this machine is getting the freezer bowl cold enough. It begins to thaw the moment it is removed from the freezer, and the ingredients also need to be cold or the results are soupy. For ideal results, the ice cream needs to be put in the freezer after being made, to get that store-bought hardness that you are used to.

Freezer-bowl method can be cumbersome

Unless you purchase two or more bowls, you are limited to making 1.5 quarts at a time. The freezer bowl needs to be chilled for 24 hours for best results, which makes spontaneous ice-cream making impossible.

Overall Review

If you are someone who is more spontaneous about making ice cream and want to make a lot of batches of different kinds in one session, this isn’t ideal. However, if you are looking for a very easy-to-use, affordable ice cream maker for your family, the Cuisinart ICE-20 is a great option. You can make a variety of desserts (frozen yogurt, ice cream, slushies, gelato) and take it with you on summer vacations as it is lighter than most durable machines and has removable parts.