Gelato Ice Cream Self-Refrigerating Compressor
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Makes authentic gelato and sorbet in 30 minutes

Gelato is a dense, silky Italian dessert that is lower in fat than ice cream and extremely flavorful. The DeLonghi quickly freezes fresh ingredients like fruit, cream, and chocolate and within 30 minutes, the gelato is ready to enjoy. The machine can also make sorbet, like authentic lemon ice. Built from stainless steel, all the parts are removable and also dishwasher-safe, which makes thorough cleanup very easy. Because of the freezing method, you can also make batch after batch of gelato without having to wait.

Efficient and earth-conscious freezing method

The freezing method is easily the most unique feature of the DeLonghi. The machine uses R134A refrigerant gas that instantly chills the gelato ingredients to below freezing. R134A is not only extremely efficient, but is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable, making it very safe and earth-friendly.

Patented mixing paddle

Another special quality about this unit is the paddle. Gelato is made differently than ice cream and the DeLonghi mixing paddle is specifically designed to create the perfect gelato every time. It mixes ingredients from the top to bottom without adding air so the gelato is a true gelato and denser than ice cream.


Handles just about any ingredient

The DeLonghi is durable and can thoroughly mix any gelato ingredient you can think of: candy, syrups, chocolate chips, jam, nuts, fresh and frozen fruit, and so on. This gives you a wide-range of recipe options and the freedom to play with countless gelato flavors.

Can make ice creams and sorbets

Despite the description, the Delonghi can actually make ice creams and different kinds of sorbets and ices in addition to gelato. By experimenting with mixing time and ingredients (like soy milk), you can make a wide variety of frozen desserts.

Strong, but quiet

A common complaint about ice cream makers is that power equals volume. The DeLonghi is relatively quiet for a machine of its strength, so you don’t have to get anxious about disturbing the entire household when you want gelato.


Poor instructional manual

Though the DeLonghi is very easy to operate, the manual that comes with it (which includes recipes) is very vague and poorly-written. This can make following some of the recipes confusing and the time on many of them are incorrect. If you are someone who relies on directions to get the right result, the DeLonghi could be a problem.

Small serving size

The DeLonghi can only make about 2 ½ cups of gelato at a time. Though ideal for a generous single serving, if you are having a party and need to make multiple batches, even with the quick mixing time you will have to stand around and wait to have enough gelato for a crowd.

Overall Review

If you love authentic gelato as well as ice cream and sorbet, the DeLonghi has the perfect features and fast freezing that will have any craving satisfied in a half hour or less. Unlike other ice cream makers, the DeLonghi is specially designed to craft gelato, so if that is your guilty pleasure of choice, this machine is ideal. Because of its small serving size, it isn’t great for large groups, but if you just want to make daily batches for two, it’s perfect.