Donvier 837409W
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Easy-to-use ice cream maker creates 1 qt. of delicious frozen treats in 15-20 minutes

The Donvier 837409 is a compact, old-fashioned ice cream maker that makes 1 quart of frozen dessert (ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, sherbert) in only 15-20 minutes. This is ideal if you have limited space in your kitchen, but still want to make healthier, homemade ice cream for your family without spending a fortune.

Chillfast cylinder

The Donvier makes ice cream through the freezer bowl method. After 12-24 hours in a freezer, the double-insulated Chillfast cylinder is ready to turn fresh ingredients into ice cream. The bowl is designed to stay cold as long as possible so your ice cream doesn’t have trouble coming together. The cylinder also doubles as an ice bucket.

Hand crank

The Donvier mixes ingredients with a hand crank, so to churn, you simply turn the crank occasionally during the 15-20 minute process. It’s easy and fun for kids who like to be involved in the kitchen.

Transparent lid

As you churn, the ice cream maker’s transparent lid lets you watch the whole process. You can check on texture and if add-ins are mixing thoroughly, so you can be sure to get the perfect ice cream every time.


Lightweight and compact

The Donvier is one of the lighter ice cream makers out there at only 6.5 pounds. Because it’s compact, you can store it pretty much anywhere: on your counter, on top of the fridge, or in a cupboard. If you have limited space, this is very convenient.

Easy clean

Another one of this ice cream maker’s strengths is how easy it is to clean. With a lot of ice cream makers, there are a ton of little bits and pieces to get into, but with just the bowl, paddle, and lid (which are plastic), a good wipedown with a damp sponge is really all it takes.


The Donvier is really fast. Not counting the time the freezer bowl is in the freezer, in only twenty minutes, you can make any frozen dessert you like. Make some ice cream during the week as a treat to yourself (or your family) without taking up much of your precious evening.


Have to turn a crank

This ice cream maker is not electric. You have to manually turn the crank to stop ice crystals from forming and churn, which means you have to be aware of the time and babysit the ice cream maker more. However, you only have to turn the crank every ten minutes or so, and it doesn’t take a lot of work.

Doesn’t make as much ice cream as other makers

Another weakness is that the Donvier doesn’t make as much ice cream compared to some other makers. 1 quart is not a lot of ice cream. It’s about 8 scoops. For a family of four, that’s only two scoops each, so no leftovers. To have more, you could purchase another cylinder and have it ready to make two batches.

Overall Review

The Donvier is a great ice cream maker for families and if you live alone, or with just a partner. It’s compact, easy to store, and easy to clean. You also don’t have to deal with rock and salt. If you want an ice cream maker that doesn’t plug in and just uses the freezer and fresh ingredients to make great desserts, this is a great choice.