791769527975 Ice Cream Maker
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Fast, old-fashioned ice cream maker creates 4 quarts of frozen desserts

This affordable, old-fashioned ice cream maker makes 4 quarts of delicious frozen desserts like gelato or sherbet in less than an hour. It’s ideal if you have a lot of parties or want to make a big batch to keep as leftovers. Using the ice cream maker is very easy, so you’ll want to use it all the time.


Though it uses ice and salt like old ice cream makers, the Hamilton Beach 68330N is fully-automatic, so no stirring or cranking required. You just pour in the salt and ice to freeze the canister, pour in your ingredients, and you’re ready to go.

Makes all kinds

There’s no limit to what you can make with this ice cream maker. For birthday parties, make delicious, rich vanilla ice cream to accompany the cake, gelato for a special, smooth treat, frozen yogurt for a healthier option, and sherbet for a hot summer day. You can also experiment with frozen drinks, frozen puddings, and more.

4 quarts in 20-40 minutes

You get a lot of ice cream from this machine is very little time. When you follow the instructions, you can get 4 quarts in only 20-40 minutes. That’s enough for a large party and saves you a lot of time to focus on other preparations. You can also save leftovers and have ice cream in the coming days, all without barely lifting a finger.


Huge amount for price

One of the major pluses to this ice cream maker is that you get a lot of ice cream for the same price as other makers that make much less. You don’t have to worry about getting extra freezer bowls or really expensive machines to make continuous batches; one batch is enough for 10+ people to have generous, delicious sundaes with multiple scoops. Other makers make about 1-1.5 quarts and cost the same, making the Hamilton Beach a lower-priced maker with big results.

Superior taste

While the ice cream maker has lots of steps, it’s worth it because of the superior-tasting results. A lot of people believe using the old salt-and-ice method makes better ice cream, and experimenting with ingredients (like substituting half-and-half for whipping cream) makes amazingly creamy, rich desserts you can’t find or even make anywhere else.


Though the ice cream maker can make 4 quarts, you have the flexibility to make less if you want. This way you can reduce the amount of time the freezing process takes and make enough for just you and your family in half the time. Don’t just save the ice cream maker for when you have a big party; make ice cream on the weekdays, too.


Uses rock and salt

Because the ice cream maker uses rock and salt, that’s just another added expense for when you want to make ice cream. You also need to have the supplies on hand all the time if you want to make ice cream spontaneously, and knowing the ratio of salt to ice can be tricky for the first few times. However, ice and salt are cheap, and if you read the directions, you’ll have a much clearer understanding of how to balance out everything.

Overall Review

The Hamilton Beach 68330N is a classic, simple ice cream maker that is easier than regular old-fashioned ice cream maker and produces a lot of ice cream. It’s a perfect ice cream maker for parties, and for just your family. It’s also very affordable at the lower end of the price spectrum and produces high-quality desserts.