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Makes a wide-range of desserts in 30 minutes

This stainless steel, fully-automatic ice cream maker can make 1.5 quarts of ice cream, sorbet, gelato, frozen yogurt, and frozen drinks, making it one of the most versatile and professional-grade ice cream maker on the market. The secret is in its timer, which controls what kind of dessert is created. Unlike many other, cheaper ice cream makers out there, it does not use a freezer bowl that needs to be chilled for hours at a time, making that 30-minute creation time a true 30 minutes.

Multiple batches are no problem

Because the Lello doesn’t use a freezer bowl and is self-refrigerating, you can make multiple batches of ice cream in one evening. To make sure the machine doesn’t wear out, it’s recommended that you limit it to three batches per hour. You can make three of the same batch, or switch it up with different flavors for events like birthday parties. Simply clean the unit between batches.

Simple, easy-to-clean design

When it comes time to clean, all you have to wipe down the blades and bowl. This only takes a few minutes and the Lello will be ready to make more ice cream. The Lello has only two buttons (besides the timer): one for chill and one for churn. If you don’t want to mix your ingredients together by hand, the “churn” function will do all the work for you. The machine is also smart: if your frozen dessert becomes too hard during the creation process, the Lello will shut off automatically.


Ingredients all go in the same place

Unlike many other ice cream makers that have separate containers for mix-ins like nuts and candy, the Lello uses just one bowl for everything and is durable enough to churn smoothly and thoroughly. This reduces the number of parts to clean and eliminates multiple steps like funneling mix-ins through chutes into the ice cream.


The desserts the Lello makes are comparable to anything you can buy in a store and many professionals use this machine for smaller batches of their product.


You want an ice cream maker that is durable and can take a lot of use over the years. Lello is that ice cream maker with its heavy, all-stainless-steel parts and powerful mechanics.


Ice crystals form in desserts

When making different desserts, the Lello often has a build-up of ice crystals, which affects the quality of ice cream in particular, as it becomes icy and grainy instead of creamy.

Perfect recipes require experimentation

To get the perfect ice cream, gelato, and so on, you need to do some experimenting with both ingredients and timing. The instructions sometimes give times that do not produce top-quality results, so you have to make some less-than-ideal batches before finding the right balance.

Overall Review

The Lello is a great machine if you have some experience making ice cream already and are willing to make the investment in a professional-grade home ice cream maker. The self-refrigeration, quick cleanup, and ability to make multiple batches are also great if you don’t like spending a lot of time making ice cream, like to be spontaneous, and need to make desserts for a crowd. If you are someone who throws a lot of parties and loves frozen treats, the Lello is for you.