Rival Shoppe Electric Ice Cream
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1.5-quart electric ice cream maker with gel technology makes fast homemade ice cream

Using gel technology and a freezer bowl, the Rival GC8151-WN Treat Shoppe ice cream maker makes 1.5 quarts of delicious ice cream in under an hour. This is a simple, sleek ice cream maker that’s affordable, and will impress anyone who tastes the ice cream, gelato, or frozen yogurt you make.

No ice or salt necessary

The gel technology in this ice cream maker negates the need for old-fashioned and messy rock and salt. Instead of having to stock up every time you want ice cream, you just use the machine and freezer bowl to transform fresh ingredients.

Double-insulated freezer bowl

The freezer bowl does a lot of the work. It’s best to keep the bowl in the freezer for 12-24 hours before you plan on using the machine so the ice cream freezes quickly. The double insulation on the bowl helps it stay cold after it leaves the freezer.

Clear cover and ingredient feeder

While the ice cream is being made, you can feed ingredients through the wide chute and see what’s going on through the clear cover without stopping the freezing process. This gives you more flexibility and control over what goes into your ice cream and if you need to change anything.


Simple, easy-to-use design

The Rival GC8151 has a simple, convenient design and is small enough to store in a lot of spaces, like on the counter or on top of the fridge. It’s sleeker than some other machines, so it doesn’t stick out or clash with other kitchen appliances.


When it comes to making ice cream, you want the whole process to go fast. Depending on what kind of dessert you’re making, the time range is between 20-40 minutes. You can make ice cream after dinner any day of the week or weekend, and still have time to relax and enjoy it.


You can make any kind of treat with the Rival. That includes healthy sorbet, rich ice creams and gelatos, and boozy frozen drinks like daiquiris. The ice cream maker comes with an instruction manual and book of recipes, so you can explore the dozens of ways to use the versatile Rival with only a few ingredients.


Everything needs to be VERY cold

One drawback to the Rival Treat Shoppe is that everything needs to be really cold in order to work properly. This includes the freezer bowl, your freezer, and even the ingredients. It is possible to have your freezer set too cold, so even finding that balance requires some experimentation. If the settings aren’t just right or the freezer bowl isn’t totally frozen, the ice cream will be soupy or have ice crystals. Carefully follow the directions and recommendations others have in order to get the perfect ice cream.

No continuous batches

Another weakness is that you can’t make continuous batches with freezer bowls like you can with refrigerant or even ice and salt. When you make ice cream, you get 1.5 quarts and then have to clean the bowl, put it back in the freezer, and wait 12-24 hours before you can make more. Or, to solve this problem, you can buy another freezer bowl and you’ll be able to make 3 quarts.

Overall Review

Overall, the Rival is a convenient and affordable ice cream maker (it’s on the lower end, price-wise). If you want a basic, but durable machine this is a good option. If you aren’t experienced with ice cream makers and don’t want to go the ice-and-salt route, the freezer bowl method is very easy and you can make enough ice cream for your family and small gatherings.