White Mountain Reviews
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Powerful, old-fashioned ice cream maker makes 6 quarts

The White Mountain is very powerful, old-fashioned, wooden bucket ice cream maker, and makes a LOT of ice cream in one batch. It’s built from extremely durable materials and will last for years, probably much longer than most ice cream makers. Because of this, it has a higher price point and is ideal if you regularly make a lot of ice cream.

Triple motion action dasher system

The dasher system (what churns up the ice cream and ingredients) is extremely durable. It’s made of heavy-duty cast iron and electroplated, while the blades are beech wood and self-adjusting so the blades evenly mix the ice cream inside the canister. Most ice cream makers are plastic, but the PBWMIME612-SHP wants to be used a lot and for a long time.

12,000 rpm universal electric motor

The motor on the White Mountain PBWMIME612-SHP is commercial-grade. It churns at 12,000 rpm (reps per minute) to make the perfect homemade ice cream every time. No need to churn by hand or rely on a motor that fizzles out after a few months or few year of use.

Stainless steel canister

The White Mountain’s canister sits inside the wooden bucket and freezes using ice and salt. The stainless steel is pressed right up against the salt and ice and freezes fast and evenly. The heavy-duty stainless steel allows you to store it anywhere without fear of it getting banged up.


Lots of ice cream

With more modern electric ice cream makers, there’s no way you could get 6 quarts of ice cream without paying a fortune. While the White Mountain is more expensive than a lot of other salt-and-ice makers, you don’t get nearly as much ice cream either. With 6 quarts, you could give 24 people two generous scoops of ice cream.


With no plastic bits, the White Mountain is made to last. Stainless steel, cast-iron, beech wood….you’ll be using this ice cream maker for a long time and even keep it in your family like an antique, it’ll be churning for so long.


For the amount of ice cream it makes, this ice cream maker is FAST. 25 minutes is all it takes for the dasher system to do its job, and fresh ingredients like cream, sugar, chocolate, and fruit are transformed into delicious ice creams. Other less high-quality machines take longer in the range of 30 to even 40 minutes.



This is not a compact ice cream maker. At nearly 20 pounds, this is an ice cream maker you will use at home or very infrequently cart around to an event. For storage, it can be tricky to find a spot for it, especially during colder months when it’s not out and in use for every often. However, this sort of weight is expected for a 6-quart maker, and it is a very pretty design, so keeping it out won’t clash with your home decor.

Overall Review

This is a king among ice cream makers. Big, sturdy, and easy. While you will pay a pretty penny for the White Mountain PBWMIME612-SHP Appalachian Series electric ice cream maker, you will get years and years out of it and make tons of delicious, homemade ice cream that everyone will rave about. This is a professional-grade machine, and if you really love ice cream, have some experience making it, and really want to step up your game, this is the one to buy.