AID-509 Induction Cooktop
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Safe to Use, Easy to Clean

The Aroma AID-509 Induction Cooktop is a quality induction cooktop that has all of the benefits of induction cooking. This means it’s a no-heat cooktop that uses magnetic charges in the bottom of the pan to cook the food. It’s a great option for dorm rooms, military barracks, offices and RV’s. It’s also a helpful appliance around the house, especially because the non-stick glass surface is so easy to wipe clean.

Cooking Features

The AID-509 induction cooktop has several cooking features that will make it a staple in your kitchen. There are 7 various heat settings, one of which is a warm setting. The warm setting is a great option for entertaining and keeping hot food hot. If you live with someone who is always coming home late and missing dinner, you’ll love having this cooktop to keep their food warm for them. There is also a 180 minute maximum timer that lets you know when food is ready.


Warm Setting

Not all induction cooktops have a warm setting, so if you think this is a feature you’ll appreciate, the Aroma AID-509 Induction Cooktop is a good purchase for you.

Fast Cooking

This induction cooktop has particularly fast heating. This means that you can use it often, even in place of a microwave, for fast food cooked perfectly every time. The warm setting is also useful for reheating foods, and it does this job incredibly fast as well.

Energy Savings

Because of the speed of heating combined with the naturally low energy use of induction cooking, this little appliance can pay for itself quickly. Especially if you are making tomato sauce, soup, or anything else that can take hours to cook, you’ll see instant energy savings if you use this over your stovetop.


The Power Cord

The power cord on this unit is shorter and less heavy-duty than comparable brands. Although this may seem like no big deal, it really limits the variety of uses you can get out of it. For example, if you wanted to take it outside, you’ll have to go searching for an extension cord.

Beeping When Pot is Removed

There is a safety feature than could prove annoying to you, depending on how you use the product. Most induction cookers will shut off when the sensor no longer senses a pot or pan on the cooktop, and this one has that useful feature. But it also has a beep to go along with it, so if you lift the pan to flip things like a professional chef, you’ll hear a little beep any time you do this.

Overall Review

Despite some less appealing features, like the short, flimsy cord and the beep that might bug you sometimes, this is a really good induction cooktop. Especially with the price point taken into account, you will get a lot of features that come on more expensive models, such as the variety of settings – especially the warm setting and the ultra-fast and safe cooking. All of this plus a huge energy savings over your gas or electric stovetop, and this is a very good product.