Big Boss 9147 Cooktop
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Designed to Entertain

The Big Boss 9147 1300-watt Induction Cooktop is a great option if you’re looking for something that will look sharp, stay cool to the touch and be able to sit directly on the table as you serve. It’s been specifically designed for use either indoors or outdoors, which means it’s easy to incorporate this into your life often.

Easy to Use

It comes with several setting options including slow cook and warm, meaning this can easily replace your crock pot. You may find yourself using it instead of the microwave as well. There is also a sear setting which you don’t always see on induction cooktops. In addition to the settings, you can customize the temperature settings. You’ll also appreciate the timer with beep to let you know when food is ready.


It’s a Happy Camper

This Big Boss has truly been designed with portability in mind. It is easy to carry and stows away for travel without much sacrifice of space. The cooktop will sit nicely on an RV countertop or incorporate onto the surface of a picnic table with ease. If you’re main use will be for outdoors, this is a great option.

Economical Choice

This cooktop offers a lot of bang for your buck. While it has fewer settings than some of the more bank-breaking brands, you’ll find that this model has everything you need in a nice affordable package that you can easily live with.

Smart Timer

While many cooktops have a basic timer with a maximum of just over an hour, this one has a smart timer that adjusts based on the setting. This means the maximum timer for sear is much shorter at only thirty minutes than the timer for warm, which goes up to nine hours. This is a great feature for both convenience and safety.


Small Cooking Area

While the small overall footprint of this cooktop is a great thing for travel, there is a sacrifice of smaller cooking space. You’ll have to buy a disk to go between the pot and cooktop if you ever want to use a pot larger than 7.5 inches.

Fan and Burner Cycling Noise

Some induction cooktops only run the fan when the unit is overheating. The Big Boss fan runs all the time. While this does prevent overheating, it can mean for annoying background noise, especially if you’re cooking on slow cook or warm settings for a long time. Also, the burner cycles on the slow cook and warm settings, meaning you’ll notice it shutting off and turning back on to keep the temperature down, another possibly annoying noise.

Overall Review

If you’re looking for an induction cooktop that will be perfect for camping, traveling, RV living or outdoor serving, this is a great option. The Big Boss 9147 1300-watt Induction Cooktop will fit seamlessly into your outdoor life, or it will enhance your capabilities in your kitchen at home. With some great features like the smart timer and the slow cook and warm settings, this is a lower cost induction cooker that offers a lot for a little.