Portable 1800W Induction Cooktop
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Versatile Features

The DUXTOP 8100MC 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop has several features that make it a great choice. It can add another cooking area to your kitchen, and even prevent you from having to turn on the stovetop, which uses much more energy than this DUXTOP. The 6 foot cord means you’ll be able to easily find a spot for outdoor cooking, and the design is nice enough that you can leave it out on your counter all the time.

Easy and Safe

This portable induction cooktop comes with the standard safety features that you expect to see on these appliances. There is an auto shut off which will sense if there are no cooking pots or pans on the surface, and then shut off after 60 seconds. The warning system will also alert you if you are experiencing either low or high voltage that could cause electrical problems. The various settings and cooking options mean that you can easily cook a wide variety of meals using just this one appliance.


60 Second Auto Shut Off

The auto shut off on the DUXTOP 8100MC 1800-Watt is a good improvement over similar brands because it gives a full 60 seconds of wait time before it shuts off. This means that if you have to remove the pot or pan for any reason such as draining, flipping or anything else, you have a full minute to finish your task before the cooktop shuts off and starts to lose heat. Other models shut down right away and some others wait only 30 seconds.

Highly Portable

The DUXTOP 1800-Watt induction cooker has been designed with portability and lifestyle in mind. It incorporates perfectly into an RV or 5th wheel, even if you are living in one long term. It also works well for camping or just outdoor cooking and serving. The compact size and extra-long 6 foot cord all make it easier to bring this appliance outdoors.

Lots of Cooking Options

With ten different cooking functions, including the hard to find sear option, in addition to the highly customizable temperature gauge, this cooktop offers several options. The minimum heat setting is 140 degrees and the maximum is 460 degrees.


Only Works with Specific Cookware

Like all induction cooktops, this DUXTOP only works with specific cookware. Cast iron and magnetized stainless steel should work, but this model seems to be pickier than others. There are DUXTOP brand cooking pots and pans that you can purchase to prevent any frustration.

Temperature Indicator Inaccurate

While the various settings on this unit are great, the temperature gauge is not all that accurate. It isn’t clear why, but if you keep a food thermometer handy, you’ll probably notice the difference. Typically, the temperatures that are indicated on the display are much lower than the actual temperature of the food, so at least there are no issues with under-cooking foods. But if you’re doing anything really precise, keep a thermometer next to this unit.

Overall Review

With the safety features and easy to use customizable temperature and cook settings, the DUXTOP 8100MC portable induction cooktop does everything you’d expect from it. It is nice looking and easy to store or fit on the counter all the time. It’s a great choice for RV’s or cooking outdoors, especially with the handy 6 foot cord. You may want to purchase the brand-name cookware and a thermometer to go with it, but in spite of those little considerations, this is a really easy to use and enjoy induction cooker.