Nesco PIC-14 Portable 1500W For Sale
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Safe and Efficient Alternative

The Nesco PIC-14 Portable Induction Cooktop is a perfect alternative to a hotplate or stovetop. The cooktop itself doesn’t get hot, but instead heats the pan using molecular energy. This makes it a very safe cooking method where children are present, or for the elderly. It can be used in situations where a hotplate isn’t safe, such as a dorm room or very small space.

Consistent Cooking

The way this Nesco portable cooktop works by heating the pan through induction technology means that the cooking will be consistent, reliable and fast every time. This is true whether you’re using it at home as an alternative to your stovetop, or if you’re traveling and using it in your RV.


Indoor/Outdoor Use

This Nesco cooktop is a good product for anyone who wants to be able to have versatility in their induction cooking. If you want to take it outdoors to enjoy the scenery while cooking, it is easily portable. It fits into tight spaces and stores easily, as well.

Included Magnet for Testing

It’s a nice little addition that this cooktop includes a magnet for testing cookware to find an option that will work with the induction cooker. While most of us have refrigerator magnets at home, that may not be the case for someone in a dorm or RV, so the magnet is a nice inclusion.

Easy to Clean

Another advantage for travel, dorm living or families is the fact that this cooktop is so easy to clean. The top is made of durable glass which can easily be wiped clean after each use. You may find yourself using it often just to avoid cleaning your stovetop.


Fewer Heat Options

While there are five different settings and 10 heat options on this cooktops, there are others on the market that have fully customizable temperature settings. While this is still a good option for everyday cooking and travel, it may not serve your purposes if you are a true chef or want to try a wide variety of dishes on the cooktop.

No Auto Shut Off Feature

While shopping around, you may notice that other cooktops have a feature that shuts the unit off when there’s no pot on the cooker. This is a safety feature as well as an energy saver, and it’s too bad this model doesn’t have it.

Overall Review

Despite the serious oversight of the safety auto shut off feature, this cooktop still gets the job done. Just be aware of this issue if you’re looking for a cooktop for someone who may forget to turn it off when they are done cooking, as this could become a serious safety concern. It can cook simple foods easily and efficiently. It’s easy to clean, simple to use and highly portable which makes it perfect for travel or seasonal storage. Because it is very compact, this may be the best option if saving space is your highest priority.