Char-Broil Infrared Smoker Roaster
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TRU-infrared smoker, roaster, and grill all in one, with lots of power

The Char-Broil Big Easy has it all: it’s a grill, a smoker, and a roaster. It has an incredible amount of power and the infrared technology means fast, very high heat and juicier food. If you’re a serious griller who wants something totally unique, the Big Easy is a versatile cooking machine you should consider.

TRU-infrared technology

Infrared technology comes in handy with this smoker/roaster/grill. Between the outer and inner wall is a propane burner that’s completely enclosed. The inner wall gets hot from this burner and radiates infrared heat to cook the food inside. All the hot air responsible for drying out food goes out through the chamber’s top, like a whale spout. The result is incredibly-moist, delicious food.

Internal smoker box/roaster fits 25-lb turkey

The cooking chamber is both a smoker and roaster. There is a separate wood chipper where you can place all kinds of chips to create aromatic, flavorful smoke. The roaster is heated by the infrared and has a double-stacked, rotating basket that can fit a 25-pound turkey. Make Thanksgiving a little different this year by roasting your bird.

180 sq. inch grilling area

On top of the cooking chamber is a stainless-steel grate grill. It has 180-square inches and, like the rest of the unit, is designed to never dry out your food or cause flare-ups. The stainless steel makes the cooking grate easy to clean, and it holds heat extremely well so it doesn’t wear down or rust.



This is probably the most versatile grill out there. It does three things: grill, roast, and smoke. You can create amazing feasts and smoked, grilled, and roasted meats all in one unit. This versatility is ideal for experienced grillers who want a challenge, but is easy enough for newbies as well.

Make fantastic food

Another plus to the Char-Broil Big Easy is the variety of flavors it can create. Different kinds of wood chips all have different flavors, so you can smoke awesome food using just that part of the grill. You also have the power to make rich, deep roasts and classic grilled dishes like hamburgers and steaks. Thanks to the infrared, everything will be juicy.


The Big Easy is fast. The infrared cooking speeds up the cooking process so you can cook big meals for holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving much faster than you would using an oven or a convective grill. This means more time with family and friends and less time slaving over a hot grill.


Not really a smoker

The main weakness with the Big Easy is with the smoker. It isn’t really a true smoker. First off, it can’t hold a lot of wood chips. Second, the infrared cooking system is really just too hot for smoking. True smoking is accomplished using low heat for many hours, which the Big Easy isn’t really built for. However, it still creates fantastic food that tastes smoky, so you aren’t really missing much by not having a “real” smoker.

Overall Review

The Char-Broil Big Easy TRU infrared smoker, roaster, and grill is very versatile. This hybrid is ideal if you are tired of just a grill and want something extra. It gets hot very fast, cooks fast, and is convenient and easy to use. You don’t have to be a professional to create great barbeques and grilled meals for your family and friends.