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Convenient, portable cookout grill with powerful burner and included coolers

The Char-Broil Grill 2 Go grill is like a barbeque in one unit. It not only has a powerful burner with TRU infrared technology, but also two removable coolers so you can pack your dinner and drinks easily in one place, and go off to the beach or campsite.

10,500 BTU burner

The Grill 2 Go has one burner, but it packs a big punch. With a BTU of 10,500, it has enough power to heat up hot and fast, but can also hold a lower heat for slower cooking. The burner is about 290-square inches, so the heat is nicely distributed and you have lots of room to cook for a crowd.

TRU-infrared technology

The burner is heated using infrared technology. This cooking system is designed to reduce the amount of hot air your food is exposed to, so steaks, veggies, and fish don’t dry out. A emitter plate above the burner sends out the infrared heat back down to the food, sealing in juice and flavor.

Two removable coolers

One of the unique features of the Grill 2 Go Ice is that it comes with two removable coolers that fit snugly beneath the grill itself. Fill with ice packs and stock your cool drinks in there. You get a full “cookout kit” with the grill and coolers right in the same unit.


Built-in transport

Transporting this portable grill is incredibly convenient and easy. It has a built-in cart complete with wheels, a sturdy handle, and telescopic “arms” so the grill can transform from its upright position to what is essentially a rolling suitcase. Rolling the grill and coolers down a dock to your boat or through a parking lot to your campsite is easy and hassle-free.

Even and hot

You can cook anything on this grill. The infrared technology helps help the cooking surface evenly heated so there aren’t cold spots. The powerful burner allows you to sear foods like tuna and thin meats fast for perfect results. If you have a thick cut of meat that needs to cook at a lower temp, this grill is able to do that well, too.

Good size

The Grill 2 Go is a great balance between being small enough to easily store and transport, and large enough to cook for a crowd. Many portable grills are just a little small for more than two or three people, but because it has a built-in cart, this grill is able to be on the larger side. The entire grill’s dimensions are 37x44x20 inches.


Heavy, but also flimsy

The main problem with this grill is two-fold: it’s heavy, but also made from relatively flimsy parts. It weighs 71 pounds, which is a lot for a portable grill, and the extendable legs are made from lightweight metal which can make the grill feel unbalanced and wobbly. As a response, take full advantage of the built-in cart, and make sure you put together all the grill’s parts correctly, and when used that it’s resting on a firm, even surface.

Overall Review

The Char-Broil Grill 2 Go Ice Real Tree Edition TRU infrared grill combines easy transport with full features. It has a built-in cart that serves as both the grill transport system and grilling deck, as well as two removable coolers nestled right below the grill where you can stock cold drinks. These two features make it quite an unique grill on the market. The powerful burner uses infrared tech for superior grilling heat, and you have enough room to grill for 8+ people.