Char-Broil Performance
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Powerful, 3-burner infrared gas grill with lots of cooking space and side burner

The Char-Broil Performance 480 with TRU infrared is a great grill for a crowd. It has three powerful burners as well as a side burner for versatile cooking. The infrared technology is a fantastic cooking system that keeps food juicy and makes grilling a breeze. The Char-Broil Performance is an ideal grill if you’re tired of convective grills and want something new that’s fast and produces great food.

TRU infrared cooking system

The secret to the Char-Broil Performance superiority is the TRU infrared system. Infrared gets hotter than convective and gets there faster. By using emitter plates built above the burner, infrared tech essentially creates a metal “box” in which food cooks. The moisture barrier of meats and veggies stays sealed, so the results are juicier and more delicious.

Three stainless-steel burners and side burner

This grill has an impressive grilling layout. It has three burners that total 30,000 BTUs as well as a lidded side burner for sauces, marinades, and whatever else that has 10,000 BTUs. That’s a lot of power in one grill, and you can cook a lot of food at once for a faster grilling experience. You’ll have room for everything you want to cook, like hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, veggies, and more.

Stainless-steel lid, handles, and side shelves

The Char-Broil 463436514 Performance 480 has a stainless-steel lid, handles, and side shelves for style as well as durability. These are strong, heat-resistant materials ideal for a grill, so you can expect this grill to last for years to come. Cleaning is as easy as running a clean cloth along the stainless steel.


Lot of space

One of the greatest strengths with this grill is just the sheer amount of space. The grill has a total of 660-square inches, with 480 of those just for cooking. The side burner adds another 180 square inches to the primary cooking space. You can cook food for a crowd and have space for prepping. With smaller grills, you would have to cook in shifts and leave some people waiting for their food. Not with this grill. Everything gets done around the same time.

Juicier, tastier food

Another advantage to this grill is juicier, more delicious food. The infrared tech is better than convective when it comes to juicy food. The tech reduces the amount of hot air that the food is exposed to, so chicken, hamburgers, steak, and more are never dried out.


Another plus to infrared and this grill is just how fast the grill gets hot, and how fast food gets done. All four burners heat up faster than other grills and you can cook all that food in much less time. That means less time hanging around a hot grill and more time enjoying the food and your family and friends.


Bad instruction manual

The instructional manual to the Char-Broil Performance is poorly-written. This can be especially frustrating if you are not used to assembly grills and aren’t able to just follow your memory. You might be spending a lot of time putting the grill together. Have someone come over who is more experienced and the time will go by faster.

Tricky to clean

The other issue with this grill is that it’s tricky to clean. Burned food and other debris can get stuck in hard-to-reach grooves and some parts aren’t removable. To make the cleaning process easier, always remember that with infrared grills, you have to turn on the burners and close the lid for 10-15 minutes to burn off any stuck food.

Overall Review

The Char-Broil Performance TRU infrared 480 3-burner gas grill is a very large, impressive grill ideal if you host a lot of parties, but don’t want to spend the whole time grilling. The grill is fast and hot, and very good for the price. Convective grills with the same number of burners can be more expensive.