Patio Bistro 180 Grill
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Conveniently-sized, electric patio grill with infrared tech ideal for two

The Char-Broil TRU infrared electric 180 grill is ideal for you if you have limited deck or patio space and/or want a grill you can also take with you to the cabin or a friend’s house. The infrared tech helps keep the food extra juicy and the 1500 watts of power keep the grill hot and efficient.

TRU-infrared technology

With TRU-infrared technology, you’ll never have to eat dry steak or chicken again. The infrared system works by putting an emitter plate above the burner. This plate reflects heat like sun off water, creating an extremely hot cooking environment. The amount of food-drying hot air is reduced, so the meat and veggies stays juicy.

1500 watts of power

Instead of using gas or charcoal to power the grill, the Char-Broil electric 180 plugs into any basic 120v power outlet. Many decks have a power outlet built right in them, or you can just use an extension cord and keep the deck door open a crack. The 1500 watts of power help the grill heat up quickly and maintain that heat.

Cooking area and warming rack

The 1500 watts are heating up a 245-square inch cooking area where you can easily grill enough food for 2-3 people. In addition the primary burner, there is a warming rack right above it, so you can cook as much food as possible with the small grill.



One of the big pluses to the Char-Broil TRU infrared 180 is how convenient it is. It is great for small patios, decks, and apartment balconies. It is also easy to take with you to other places like office parties, family reunions, and anywhere else there are power outlets and hungry people. It’s very easy to use and with no gas or charcoal to mess with, just about anyone can safely grill with it.


The grill is also sturdy. It is mainly built from and ceramic. The porcelain grilling grate holds heat well, and you can safely transport the grill a lot of places without worrying about pieces falling off. With the regular amount of grill maintenance, this little guy will stick around for a while.

Great alternative to gas/charcoal

The Char-Broil Patio Bistro 180 is a great alternative to gas or charcoal grills. It gets just as hot and with the infrared tech, you can cook even more delicious and juicer foods. This is an ideal option if you live in an apartment or housing development where gas and/or charcoal grills are not allowed.


Tricky to clean

The main weakness with the little Char-Broil is that it can be tricky to clean. Using a wire brush could damage the coating on the cooking grate. Remember, ceramic is more delicate than steel, so use extra caution when you clean. Also remember that with infrared grills, you have to turn the burner and close it for about 10 minutes to burn off bits of food before you use any kind of tool. This will reduce the amount of brushing you need to do.

Overall Review

Overall, the Char-Broil Patio Bistro 180 is an ideal grill if you are with a two or three person family. It’s an affordable, convenient electric grill you can have in any apartment or housing development. You can also easily take it with you to other locations for parties and events, and you’ll always grill juicy, delicious food quickly with the infrared technology.