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Powerful, efficient infrared grill that’s fast and portable

The Solaire Anywhere portable infrared grill uses propane gas and a powerful burner to create great-tasting food. It’s also a great grill to travel with and has features that increase its convenience, so you can be flexible about where you want to cookout. The grill is easy to start, gets very hot quickly, and has enough cooking space for at least a party of six to eight people.

Solaire infrared burner

One of the notable features of this grill is the Solaire infrared burner. Infrared technology uses direct heat that’s emitted from a plate above the burners, so hot air doesn’t dry out the cooking food like convective grills tend to do. The burner has a BTU of 14,000, which is higher even than some burners on full-sized grills, so you can be sure it will heat up quickly and evenly.

Easy electronic ignition

Starting up a grill can be the most frustrating part of the grilling process. It can also be dangerous, if you’re trying to light gas with a lighter or match. The Solaire Anywhere has an easy electronic ignition that you just turn, and the burner leaps to life. It’s just like turning on a light switch. Anyone can safely start the grill, and you can move on to the fun part of grilling.

V-shaped grill grids

When you have food on the grill, the V-shaped grill grids on the Solaire help boost flavor and reduce flare-ups. When juices drip down, they are vaporized and infused back into the food. Regular, rounded grill grids cause flare-ups when floods of juice catch, while the V-shape helps better control drippings. The grids are also made of stainless steel, to hold heat evenly and consistently, and for durability.



The Solaire Anywhere starts fast and heats up fast. This greatly reduces your grilling time so you can cook a lot of food quickly in shifts, or just cook enough for two or three people in one quick session. Grilling is fun, but when you have to stay hunched over a hot grate for a long time, it’s much less fun. Having a fast grill allows you to enjoy the best parts of grilling without getting sick of it.


Another one of this grill’s strengths is how fuel-efficient it is. Over the course of a summer where you’re grilling pretty frequently, you’ll probably only need one 20-lb propane tank. Not having to buy gas a lot saves you money and you’ll always be ready to grill at a moment’s notice.

Easy transport

The Solaire Anywhere comes with a bag for easy transport, and also has spring-loaded lid latches, like a suitcase, so you can easily carry the grill around without it popping open.



The main weakness with this grill is just how hot it gets. While this is perfect for searing, it isn’t so great for foods that need to cook for a longer time over lower heat. The 14,000-BTU burner can be difficult to control and heats up too quickly for slow-cooking. If you’re working with a particularly thick cut of meat like a steak, try pounding it out thinner so it doesn’t cook too quickly on the outside while remaining raw inside.

Overall Review

This is a high-end portable grill and is pretty expensive. However, it’s extremely powerful, durable, and designed with transportation in mind. It can cook 8 regular-sized hamburgers at one time, so you can grill easily for 4-8 people very quickly and get great flavors from the V-shaped grill grids.