400-Watt Fruit And Vegetable Juice Extractor
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The Black & Decker JE 2200B is a light use juice extractor aimed at the entry level end of the market. It is a cost effective, reliable, and virtually maintenance free juicer. It is designed to be super easy to use and as it is light use appliance to be quick and convenient. It is small compared to other juicers at 9 x 9 x 13 inches so does not take up a lot of space in the kitchen. It comes with a custom juice cup which makes it easy to collect the juice that the Black & Decker 2200B produces.

How does it work?

The Black & Decker JE 2200B may be small but it does house a powerful 400 watt motor which is sufficient for most fruits and vegetables. It is super easy to use having only an on/off button with no speed selectors to confuse things. The motor drives a shaft with the stainless steel cutters at high speed in order to mash the fruit into a pulp. The high speed produces a centrifugal force which drives the pulp against the stainless steel strainer which allows the liquid to pass through whilst trapping the pulp. The pulp is ejected into the integrated pulp bin to be discarded later.

Is it easy to operate?

The Black and Decker JE2200 is designed to be simple to operate and clean.


Easy to use

The Black and Decker 2200B has been designed with beginners in find so it is customized to be a multi-purpose solution but with only one mode of operation. Therefore it is preset with a non-adjustable speed setting that is best suited for all foods.

Easy to clean

If washed right after use it is effortless to rinse clean.

Quiet & stable

The Black and Decker is very quiet when in use as the plastic cover and food plunger reduce the noise levels considerably.

Light and compact

The 2200B is very light as it is made from plastic and has a compact design with a small footprint.

Cost effective

The 2200B is very cost effective as it is an entry level appliance



The 2208B produces a lot of froth.

Cleaning is a pain

There are too many parts that need to be detached and then cleaned. However if cleaned immediately after use cleaning is very easy.

Small feeder chute

The biggest weakness is that for all its easy to use and clean design the designers appear to have forgotten about the required food preparation. The feeder has a very small opening which requires all the food to be processed will need to be chopped up first. For a product designed to be convenient and easy to use that is a big design flaw.


The Black & Decker JE2200B is an excellent entry level juice extractor that provides juice very economically and represents great value. It has many flaws which are to be expected on an appliance at this end of the market but should meet anyone’s reasonable expectations.