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The Breville BJE510XL is one of the popular range of Breville Juicers. The BJE510XL is an attractive vertical centrifugal style juicer, which has a high speed variable speed motor and smart sense control. The 510XL’s very high speed and innovative features, combined with its sleek but sturdy build makes it a stand out from the competition.

How does it work?

The Breville BJE510XL has a 900 watts variable speed motor that drives a titanium cutter. The variable speed is selectable through a 5 speed rotary selector knob. An LCD display gives a guide to each speed setting such as, hard veg, apple, pineapple, citrus and soft fruit. The ingredients are fed into the chamber via a 3” wide mouthed, centrally positioned vertical feeder, which is set directly over the blade. This is said to minimize noise and vibration whilst also allowing the blades to cut deeper into the fruit and vegetables before the centrifugal forces drives them to the walls and away from the blades. The high speed motor generates a powerful centrifugal force which throws the chopped up ingredients against a stainless steel micromesh pulp container. The sheer power of the centrifugal force pushes the liquid through the mesh and at the same time catches all the pulp. The liquid is channeled into the juice collection container. The Breville BJE510XL can deliver an 8 ounce glass of juice in 5 seconds!

So what makes it different?

The Breville BJE510XL has many innovative features for a start it has got micro-chip smart control that lets it work out how heavy or dense the load is and it can adjust the power to the cutting disk as is appropriate. This makes the Breville BJE510XL very efficient to operate as it uses its own feedback to control the power. Additionally the preferred speed can be selected from one of 5 pre-set speeds the lowest being 6,500 rpm (soft fruits) up to the highest speed of 12,500 rpm for denser ingredients like apples or beets. There is also the previously mentioned 3” wide mouthed feeder and its central direct feed system. These are both patented as they save time and reduce noise and vibration respectively.

Sylish and practical design.

The Breville BJE510XL has both a very stylish and practical design. It has a sleek clean and modern look due to it stainless steel veneer over its heavy grade polymer body. It also has stainless steel micromesh filters on the pulp containing basket for easy cleaning. The micromesh basket has a handle attached for ease of removal.



The variable speed motor produces juice very quickly making it perfect for commercial use in a restaurant or a café.

Wide Chute

The three inch feeder chute saves time on pre-chopping its central position mitigates noise and vibration.

Easy to clean

The stainless steel design makes it easy to clean.



Even at its lowest speed setting of 6,500 rpm it is far too fast to prevent frothing and oxidation. This causes the destruction of enzymes and nutrients.


Like all centrifugal juicers noise will be an issue due to the speeds required.


The Breville BJE510XL is a very efficient and fast juicer with smart control features and innovative design aimed to make operation easy and quick to clean. It cannot escape though from the weaknesses of the centrifugal process, which are it produces juice with a short life time and that easily separates if not consumed immediately.