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Affordable Quality

When it comes to home citrus juicers, the Epica Stainless Steel Electric Citrus Juicer is a quality choice that you can depend on. It works quickly to make a lot of juice without taking all morning, which is a nice feature for busy days. There are two reamers so that you can do all sizes of citrus – anything from tiny key limes to a big grapefruit, making this a really versatile juicer to have in the house.

Easy to Use

This juicer is incredibly easy to use. Switching between the small and large reamer is a snap, so you can quickly power through various sized citrus fruits with no worries. There is an auto start and stop feature so that you don’t even have to press an on/off button between fruits, just keep going. The Epica dispenses directly into a glass, making it a great countertop appliance when you may just drink a glass of juice per person, per day.


Simplistic Design

Not only is the juicer very easy to use with the auto switch and easy to change reamers, it is also designed in a way that looks great on the countertop. It has a small footprint and looks sleek and modern.

Snappy Cleanup

Because making fresh juice can make a mess, it’s nice the cleanup process with this machine is so easy. All you have to do is pop the reamers off and rinse them. There aren’t a ton of parts to take off and wash, making it a very simple cleanup.

Good Investment

The Epica Stainless Steel Electric Citrus Juicer is a good option because it is affordable. It offers a high level of quality and reliability for a low investment, making it a great option for delicious fresh citrus juice at home.


Can’t Handle Long Sessions

This juicer’s biggest weakness is that it is not designed to work continually for long periods of time. It’s really made to function as a juicer that makes several glasses at a time, at most. It’s great for a family who wants to make juice each morning, but if you wanted to make a batch to last for days, look for a bigger juicer.

Short Lived

Although this is a quality product and works well for a period of time. You may not be able to use much longer than two years, at best. It doesn’t have a long life span. At this price point, it still may be a good value for you.

Overall Review

The Epica Electric Citrus Juicer is an affordable countertop juicer that powers through several glasses of fresh juice a day and works great for everyday use. If you want to do large quantities, you may be disappointed. Also, it won’t last forever, but at this price point it still may be a great choice if it fits your needs.