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The Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer Express is a stylish modern juicer with an extra-large round feeder chute and whisper quiet operation. It comes with a super-sized detachable pulp collector for easy emptying and it is driven by a 3,600 revolutions per minute induction motor. It is available in black, white or stainless steel.

How it works?

The Jack LaLanne’s Power is a centrifugal style juicer that is powered by a 3,600 non-adjustable pre-set motor. The drive shaft connects to a surgical quality stainless steel blade which chops and mashes the ingredients. The centrifugal forces separate the pulp from the juice. The ejected pulp is thrown into the detachable pulp collector for disposal.

Easy to use

The Jack LaLanne is very easy to use due to it circular wide mouthed feeder. Most small ingredients can be simply just dropped in whole though others need to be chopped up first. It would take a small apple or pear directly but anything bigger like an orange would require chopping up. You can juice the orange with the rind on but it renders a bitter taste to the juice.

Easy to clean

The Jack Lalanne’s is very easy to clean as it pops apart very easily. It is just a case of unsnapping and rinsing under the tap water.


Easy to assemble

The Jack LaLanne’s is very easy to put together.

Easy to use

The wide circular mouth on the vertical feeder makes adding ingredients very easy as most need no preparation.

Easy to clean

Just snap apart and rinse.

Fast and convenient

Produces very fast and trouble free juice.

Pulp is very dry

Dry pulp means good efficient juice extraction.



The juice produced is very frothy. Although this is a common problem with centrifugal style juicers it seems to be more pronounced on the Jack LaLanne’s Power version.

Color and Texture

The juice though tasting fine had lost its color and seemed to be whipped or blended perhaps due to the 3,600 rpm spin.

Short lived

The juice that was produced separated after only a few hours so was not storable it had to be consumed immediately.

Hard to clean

On the surface the Jack LaLanne’s is easy to clean, just unclip and snap of the pulp containers and rinse out the chambers and everything is fine. However when trying to clean the surgical quality blade that proved very difficult. Even extensive soaking didn’t restore it to pristine condition, and that after only a few juice making sessions.

Not powerful enough

The Juicer lacks power so it takes patience to feed the ingredients through. Let gravity do the work and it will go through without jamming. There are helpful videos on the Jack LaLanne’s site that demonstrate how to best feed ingredients into the feeder. There are also tips on getting the best out of the juicer and motor.


This is a very quiet juicer with reasonable power and is very easy to use. It has limited power so ingredients have to be gravity fed and not forced through. It extracts a lot of juice leaving very dry pulp however it also produces a lot of froth and gives the juice a whipped texture.