Vertical Single Auger Low Juicer
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This heavy duty low speed juicer is designed for the dedicated everyday health conscious juice drinker or for light commercial use in restaurants or in a cafe. It can juice a wide variety of foods such as fruits, vegetables, wheatgrass and leafy greens.

How does it work?

The Omega VRT350 is a masticating style juicer. What this typically means is it operates at very low speeds and uses as the term masticating suggests a grinding motion to chew up the fruit or vegetables and extract the juices. However with the Omega it uses a dual-stage action which initially presses and crushes the fruits or vegetables to a pulp. During the second stage it squeezes the juices out of the pulp before ejecting the very dry pulp. The Omega’s low speed generates little heat which prevents both the machine and the juice being heated up. The low speed also restricts the amount of foam produced which results in less oxidation of the juice resulting in a longer lasting – up to 72 hours – product.

Less foam and pulp

This might not be to everyone’s’ taste of course as some people like to have foam, other like some pulp and these are very subjective levels to determine what is too much or too little. All that can be said about the Omega is it purposely tries to reduce the amount of foam and pulp by using a low speed masticating action.

Wide range of fruits

The Omega can produce juice from a wide range of produce from soft fruits to leafy greens such as oranges, lemon, grapefruit as well as carrots, cucumber, apples, celery, kale, spinach, parsley and produces juice with very little pulp. Sometimes however excessive amounts of pulp do end up in the juice and this is due to the pulp ejector flap clogging. To prevent this happening dice up fibrous things like celery.


Reinforced Strainer

The fine holed strainer screen is made of Ultem which is eight times stronger than the standard plastic screen in other juicers. This is what makes the Omega particularly heavy-duty.

Easy clean system

The Omega also has an automatic wiping system that passes a blade over and wipes the screen clean after which washing becomes much easier.

Less foam – less oxidation

The Omegas is a single gear low speed auger that produces very little foam. This greatly reduces the oxidation that causes the breakdown in enzymes. By reducing the level of oxidation it results in longer lasting juice.

Clogging resistant

It has a built in reverse gear which is used to prevent clogging.

Auto feeder

Just drop fruit or vegetables into the feeder shoot and the Omega pulls the produce into the vertical masticating auger all by itself.

Quiet and cool

The low speed motor produces very little noise or heat.

Attractive and Practical Design

The Omega’s vertical design and small footprint takes up very little space and it weighs 20 pounds.


Can clog up

The pulp ejection flap can sometimes clog up which results it too much pulp entering into the juice.


The Omega is a good heavy duty juicer which operates very quietly and efficiently handling soft fruits and greens with aplomb. Its vertical masticating auger makes feeding in produce easy and the low temperature and speed of the juicing process restricts the foaming and oxidation resulting in a longer lasting and fresher product.