Omega J8004 Center Masticating Juicer
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Commercial Power at Home

The Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer in white is a very high powered, commercial grade juicer. If you are very dedicated to juicing for health and nutrition, you are going to love this one. It uses masticating action rather than the more common centrifugal, which ultimately results in juice that packs an extra punch as far as health. The slow moving machine keeps the enzymes intact so that you get all the benefits of fresh fruit in your juice.

Quality and Reliability

This Omega J8004 is an investment. It might seem like a lot to pay for a good juicer, but it will outlast many others on the market. It’s been made to stand up to a high volume of daily use without ever faltering. And it can replace some of your other gadgets since it also works as a food processor, baby food maker, nut butter maker and soy and almond milk maker. You can chuck out your coffee grinder and pasta extruder as well!


Healthier Juice

Some people want to juice because they like juice. Others are looking to juice to gain the long list of health benefits that comes with the practice. If you’re one of the latter, you’ll love this juicer. It’s going to give the best quality juice at home, fresh and full of nutrition and enzymes straight from the produce.

More Juice

The slow masticating action means that this juicer also gives a higher quantity of juice per pound of produce compared to faster models and those using a centrifugal style.

It Does it All

Nothing can trump this juicer. It can handle wheatgrass, spinach and other things that just end up whole in the pulp canister of other models. The Omega J8004 Nutrition Center powers through any produce and fruit you can think of.


Longer Juicing Time

This Omega juicer is definitely for someone who is dedicated to juicing. The slow masticating speed is great for health and nutrition, but if you just wanted a quick glass of juice, you’re going to be disappointed in this one.

It Looks Like a Weapon

Just being honest, this isn’t the prettiest juicer on the market. It was commercially designed and it shows. It will take up a lot of space on the counter and may remind you a little bit of one of those pump-style water guns.

Overall Review

Although this isn’t the most attractive juicer you could find, nor the fastest, it really pulls its weight. The masticating style and slow speed means ultra-healthy juice in high yields. It is easy to clean for its size and it will give you a long life of good daily service, even if you use it for long periods of time each day. It’s commercial quality at home. For the serious juicer, it doesn’t get much better than this.