CS-1000 Citrus Juicer CS-1000 Citristar
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Compact and Fast

The Tribest CS-1000 Citristar Citrus Juicer is a small juicer for citrus fruits. It can handle any sized citrus from key limes to giant grapefruit. It features simple operation at the touch of a button and the parts are easily removable for cleaning. It is designed to give maximum juice extraction. It’s so simple and handy, it can easily be used on a daily basis for fresh squeezed juice.

Basic Design and Function

The simple design of this unit means that you can have all of the basic needs in a juicer without any confusion. There is only one button to press and the juicing begins. It doesn’t have a lot of additional features – but if you’re looking for a simple every day citrus juicer, that’s perfect for you. It also has a streamlined look that goes well with most décor.


Easy to Use

The biggest strength of this basic function juicer is that it is simple and easy to use. You will have absolutely no trouble plugging it in and using it immediately. This is a great feature for anyone who just wants a no muss, no fuss juicer.

Flip Up Spout

The Tribet CS-1000 citrus juicer has been designed with a handy flip-up spout. This means that you can stop the juice flow when your glass is full, and then come back and fill it again when you’re ready. It’s a nice feature for families with varying wake times or anyone who may want more than one glass of juice.

Double Reamer for All Sizes

This juicer features a simple double reamer that easily snaps to either the large or small size so that you can juice all citrus fruits. The smaller reamer is perfect for small limes and lemons and the large one works well for a huge grapefruit.


Not Designed for Large Batches

This juicer is designed for small batch daily use, such as two people drinking a glass or two of juice each. It was not designed for a large batch, such as juicing an entire bag of oranges at once. It can be used for a large batch but you’ll have to stop often to clean pulp out of the juicer and empty the juice.

Noisy and Shaky

Because there is a powerful motor in this little Citristar, it can be noisy and it can even shake a little while working. You can minimize these by putting a towel underneath it, but you will still notice that this is not the quietest small juicer on the market.

Overall Review

The Tribest CS-1000 Citristar Citrus Juicer is a good option for a basic juicer of all sizes of citrus fruit. Although it can be loud and may shake during use, and it wasn’t designed to handle large batches of fruit, it is still a great option for small batches and can easily be used every day for fresh, healthy juice.