Pro JEX328 Health
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The Waring Pro has a brushed stainless steel housing giving it a pleasing and easy cleaned exterior. It comes with a matching stainless steel juice collector cup and has an extra wide 3”inch feeder. Operation is simple and the parts are all dishwasher safe.

How it works

The Waring Pro has a 400 watt motor and a commercial quality stainless steel blade. It is a centrifugal style juicer. This means that it uses a high speed motor to spin a cutting blade at such speed as to produce a powerful centrifugal force. The centrifugal force separates the chopped up pulp and liquid, sending the pulp out into a rejection container. The liquid is then filtered through micromesh before pouring out into the stainless steel 8 ounce collection cup.

Is it easy to use?

The Waring Pro is simplicity itself to operate. It has one control, an on/off switch. The ingredients are simply dropped through the 3”inch round food funnel into the blade chamber itself. There is no need to prepare most ingredients, but some larger carrots and apples may need to be diced beforehand.


Easy to clean for a juicer

The Waring Pro is very easy to clean as most parts are dishwasher safe and the housing is brushed stainless steel so only needs wiped down with a cloth.

Easy to operate

Very simple to use just feed in the ingredients and wait for the juice to flow out.


Very Frothy

Like all centrifugal style juicers it froths the juice too much due to the high speed of the cutting blades. Frothing introduces oxygenation which damages enzymes and nutrients.

It is loud

The Waring pro is loud during operation especially as it is a low power version at only 400 watt.

Pulp Chunks

A lot of fruit chunks in the pulp. These are whole uncut or mashed pieces of fruit that have somehow missed the blades and remain untouched with their juice still retained. This is actually just waste and is very inefficient use of the fruit or vegetable.

Leaks at the bottom

There appears to be leaks for no apparent reason coming from the base.

Clog up easily

The inside of the juicer seems to clog intermittently preventing the juice from getting out to the collector cup. This is another source of loss.

Wet Pulp

There are not only chunks of unprocessed fruit in the reject bucket but also fruit pulp that has been processed is very wet. Wet pulp is an indication of inefficient separation of pulp and liquid during the centrifugal process. This is normally due to the cutter’s spin and ejections process being just too fast.


The Waring Pro JEX 328 is a good entry level juicer for those that favor simplicity of use and cleaning, and the production of fast ready to drink juice over the quality of juice. It produces inefficient – there is a lot of waste – and frothy juice but it does it quickly and hassles free.