6 of the Best Under Counter Wine Coolers That Will Practically Make You a Connoisseur

Best Under Counter Wine Coolers

If you have wine in your home, then you need a proper wine cooler. We are talking about a temperature-controlled unit for storing your wine–not your old dorm refrigerator you still have in your basement.

You may think a wine cooler is only for a future sommelier, but truthfully, anyone who enjoys drinking wine can benefit from storing it properly. When wine is stored at its recommended temperature, then you lessen the risk of damage due to fluctuations in temperatures. Not to mention how impressive it looks to your friends and family members.

Perhaps you don’t need an entire wine cellar dedicated to your bottles. But if you’re looking for the correct way to store a decent collection, then consider an under counter version. These units are typically the size of a dishwasher, and can easily be incorporated into your space and decor.

Best Under Counter Wine Coolers

Kalamera 40 Bottle Under Counter Wine CoolerExcellentRead our reviewBuy on Amazon
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Electro Boss 28-Bottle Wine CoolerGood ValueRead our reviewBuy on Amazon

Our Pick: Kalamera 40-Bottle Under Counter Wine Cooler

If you have the budget to buy one of the absolute best under counter wine coolers, then go for the Kalamera KRC-40DZB 24″ 40-bottle Wine Cooler. This beautiful appliance has the capacity to hold 40 bottles or beverages. It also features the dual temperature zone, which means your reds and whites can be stored at their optimal temperature in the same cooler.

This appliance is just as lovely as it is functional. The stainless steel makes it look so sleek and modern. The LED lighting will highlight the labels for all of your drinks so you can search effortlessly for your bottle. The french doors make this appliance look elegant and sophisticated, even while tucked away under your counter.

One other positive aspect is how quiet the cooler operates. Once your unit is installed, you won’t even notice it’s running. Reviews online often cite how quiet the unit is. This is especially important since the unit features a compressor motor to keep it cool. No one wants to hear their appliance running non-stop in the background.

Kalamera KRC-40DZB 24" 40-bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator
Our top pick has everything you'll need in a wine cooler. Dual temperature zones, a sleek design, and LED lighting. You can't go wrong here.
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05/29/2021 02:14 pm UTC

Our Runner Up: Lanbo 44-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler 

Another great option for your under counter wine cooler is the Lanbo 44-bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler. This wine cooler has many of the same features as the Kalamera, but comes in under $750.

The Lanbo unit also uses the compressor fan cooling to make sure the temperature is stable for your wine. You’ll be able to house your red wine, white wine, or any other beverages you want to store. There is an upper zone and lower zone, to allow you to separate your collection.

Customer reviews rave about the sleek design and bright lighting. The beechwood shelves are easy to use while looking clean and modern. A handful of reviews have notated issues with the noise level, although it seems to be a minor issue.

LANBO Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator
Our runner up has what you need at a lower price. Dual zones, sliding beech shelves, and stainless steel exterior. Your wine will always be ready to drink.
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05/29/2021 05:11 am UTC

More Best Under Counter Wine Coolers

AMZChef 24” Wine Cooler

The AMZChef 24” Wine Cooler holds an impressive 52 bottles while maintaining a stylish design. Reviewers state the machine runs quietly and it has the special feature of being able to store larger bottles of wine on the top shelf if you are looking for a way to accommodate odd sizes.

Avallon 24” Wine Cooler

If you’re looking for a luxurious experience, then consider the Avallon 24” Wine Cooler. This unit stores up to 54 bottles and locks. That’s right, you can lock this wine cooler. The dual temperature zone and gliding shelves make this a great statement piece for storing wine.

Danby 36-Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler

If you are mostly concerned with the number of bottles your wine cooler can hold, then check out the Danby 36 bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler. This is a great choice when you need to hold several bottles, and you want your unit to stand alone. For well under $300, you can have this touch of luxury.

Our Value Pick: Electro Boss 28-Bottle Wine Cooler

The Electro Boss 28-Bottle Wine Cooler is another unit worth considering. Not only do you get the capacity for wine and beverages, but you get an expensive look for around $250. This unit is perfect for those who are looking for a freestanding option. This single zone cooling allows you to pick one temperature, to precisely control the temp based on what wine you are storing.

Electro Boss 28 Bottle Wine Cooler
Our value pick. A nice wine cooler at a nice price.
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What to Look For in an Under Counter Wine Cooler

When shopping for an under counter wine cooler, there are several features you want to look for within your budget. The first is capacity. How many bottles can it hold? Keep in mind, larger bottles of wine may lessen the capacity.

You also want to verify the temperature control. There should be a minimum temperature and a maximum. Since each type of wine has a different optimal temperature, you’ll want to verify your favorite is covered. For instance, a Cabernet Sauvignon will have a much higher temperature than a Rose.

You can also look to see if the wine cooler is a dual-zone cooler or a single zone. This means you can have two different temps at once, or just one. If you love to keep red and white varieties on hand, then this is super important. It’s also great if you love to entertain and your guests like a variety.

Whether you need the unit in your kitchen, basement, or other places–you can have it “built-in” under your counter. As a general rule of thumb, you shouldn’t use a wine cooler in your garage since there can be large swings in temperatures. Before you purchase, you need to confirm if a unit can be built-in or if it’s freestanding.

The Bottom Line

There are several great options for the best under counter wine coolers. An under counter wine cooler is a convenient and practical way to store your wine collection. It’ll make it easy for you to stock up on your favorites or bring back several bottles from your recent wine tasting. Whether you choose the Kalamera model or one of our other favorites, you’ll be able to enjoy your wine whenever you want.

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