Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector
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Beginner metal detector with discrimination control ideal for kids

The Bounty Hunter Junior metal detector is designed with kids in mind, but still has many features that set it above toy detectors, like discrimination controls and an excellent depth range. This review will describe why these features make it a great choice for kids as well as adult beginners, and what issues you might run into when you’re using the BHJS.

Find coins and other items up to 3 feet deep

Having a good depth range makes this metal detector stand out among other beginner detectors. Find coins and coin-sized items up to 5-inches underground and larger treasures up to 3-feet down. With this kind of depth, you’re more likely to find really good, old items that are actually worth something and help keep you motivated in your hunts.

Discrimination control

If you use a toy metal detector that doesn’t have any kind of discrimination control, most of what you find will be junk like soda cans, nails, scrap metal, and so on. With the Bounty Hunter Junior’s discrimination control, you can eliminate trash and iron from your search, so you’ll only be alerted when something more interesting is discovered. You’ll save a lot of time this way.

Target indicator meter

When you do find something buried, it can be difficult to know exactly where it is and where to dig. The target indicator meter is measured by signal strength, so as you get closer to your treasure, the signal will get louder. This is an extremely easy way to figure out where to dig so you can find your item quickly and without wasting energy.


Compact and lightweight

The BHJS is a perfect size for kids. It measures 10 by 9 by 57 inches and is very lightweight, so kids can hunt for hours without getting tired. Adults can also use this detector comfortably, so even if you intend to just use this yourself, you won’t have a problem.

Extremely easy use

The menu and settings on many metal detectors can be really complicated. There are a lot of knobs and buttons to push and if you don’t do it just right, you either won’t find anything or you’ll just find trash. With the BHJS Junior, there are just two knobs (one for sensitivity and one for trash discrimination) and the large target indicator screen that gets closer to 10 the closer your item is. You won’t need to spend hours teaching your kid (or yourself) how to use the detector, you can just power it up and go.

Good depth

Even though the depth on this metal detector says it only goes down to three feet, it has found items even deeper. Having this kind of depth on such an affordable detector is extraordinary and will result in finding older, more valuable treasures.


Outgrown quickly

The downside of the Bounty Hunter Junior is that it is outgrown quickly in terms of the features it offers. The trash discrimination isn’t very precise and the longer you hunt, the more features you’ll start wanting, like a way to customize the discrimination or more hunting modes. This is a very basic metal detector and the more experienced you get, the less useful the detector will be.

Not waterproof

Another drawback is that the Bounty Hunter BHJS is not waterproof. Tons of treasure can be found in rivers, lakes, and the ocean because the moving water and sediment brings in all the stuff that people have lost over the years, but without a way to submerge the detector coil, you can’t get to anything under water.

Overall Review

If you’ve never owned a metal detector or your young child wants one, the Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior is a great model to begin with. It has easy-to-use features like a trash discrimination, sensitivity controls, and target indicator screen, so you can hunt efficiently without having to spend a lot of time just learning to use the detector. If you’re relatively experienced with a metal detector or want something that’s waterproof, this isn’t the detector for you, but for kids, it’s a great option and it is very affordable too.