Bounty Hunter Gold
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Affordable metal detector with trash eliminator, sensitivity control, and included headphones

If you’re curious about what kind of treasure might be hiding in your backyard or local park, the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger can help you make some pretty cool discoveries. Use the trash eliminator to weed out the junk from the good stuff and play with the sensitivity controls until you find the perfect balance. Read on to learn more about these features, as well as some of the metal detector’s strengths and weaknesses.

Find coins and larger treasure

With the Gold Digger, you can find anything from coins to jewelry to relics. Powered by two 9-volt batteries, the metal detector can find coins and similar-sized objects up to 6 inches deep, and larger items up to 2 feet deep. This depth range isn’t as wide as comparable metal detectors, but the Gold Digger is a little less expensive.

Trash eliminator control

When you’re using your metal detector, you’ll probably find a lot of junk like nails, pieces of foil, and cans. With the trash eliminator control, you can set your Gold Digger so you aren’t alerted every time it finds something undesirable. This saves you a lot of time and keeps your hunting efficient and fruitful.

Sensitivity control

Being able to control the detector’s sensitivity levels is crucial. In general, the more sensitive your detector is, the more it will find. The downside of using a higher sensitivity setting is that you’ll find a lot of junk, so more isn’t always better. When you have the perfect balance between trash elimination and sensitivity, you’ll find better treasures at the deeper end of the detector’s range, which is always exciting.


Easy for anyone to use

Many of the higher-priced metal detectors have a lot of features and settings that are tricky to figure out. The Bounty Hunter Gold Digger has a simple, user-friendly design that anyone, including kids, can quickly figure out so the detector performs at its best.

Very good depth

The Gold Digger is really good at finding treasures that are buried even deeper than the advertised detector’s range. Find old coins, relics, and so on that haven’t seen the light of day in decades, maybe even longer.

Comes with headphones

When you’re hunting, headphones are extremely useful. You’re more likely to hear fainter signals from deeply-buried items, and you can hunt in crowded areas where beeping would irritate people. The Bounty Hunter Gold Digger comes with a pair included, which not all metal detectors do. Instead of spending extra cash on a set, you can start hunting as soon as you pop in the batteries.


False signals

One of the weaknesses with the Gold Digger is that it tends to give off false signals. You might be led to believe that the detector found a coin or piece of valuable metal, but instead you dig up a rusty nail. After this keeps happening, it’s easy to get discouraged and frustrating. Mastering the sensitivity levels and trash elimination control is a really good way to reduce the number of false signals and make your treasure-hunting less disappointing.

Overall Review

The Bounty Hunter Gold Digger is a really solid, basic metal detector that’s ideal for beginners. It’s extremely affordable, but still has many features like the trash eliminator and sensitivity controls that put it way above “toy” metal detectors. If you want to start treasure-hunting right away without having to pour over an instruction manual beforehand, this metal detector is a great choice.