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Affordable, easy-to-use metal detector with included pinpointer

Using a metal detector to hunt for treasures like coins, relics, and lost jewelry can be very fun, but also complicated and expensive. With the Bounty Hunter QD2GWP Quick Draw II, you get an affordable, easy-to-use detector that can be adjusted to weed out trash and pinpoint the good stuff. It comes with a waterproof coil and handheld pin pointer for versatile and precise hunting.

Auto notch and selective notch

You have two mode options with the Quick Draw II: you can either set it on auto notch, which shows you the type and size of all the metal the detector finds, or, you can set it to the selective notch, where you can exclude trash like tin foil and scrap metal and be alerted only when something good comes up. Both modes have their benefits. If you’re new at this and just want experience finding stuff, set it to the auto mode. If you only want to dig treasures up and not waste your time with trash, set it to selective.

8-inch interchangeable waterproof coil

With the 8-inch coil, you have a wide area that the metal detector searches. The coil also discriminates between junk iron and valuable metals like gold or silver, and will alert you when it finds coins up to 8 inches in the ground. It can detect bigger objects up to three feet down. The coil is also waterproof, so you can search in water for treasures that have settled in the sand.

Includes handheld pin pointer

Having a pin pointer is an important part of hunting if saving time is a big priority. A metal detector on its own will tell when it finds a coin about three inches down or so, but it won’t let you know exactly where it is, so you still have to dig around. With the pin pointer, you wave it around the area and it will zero in on the coin’s location. Many metal detectors don’t include a handheld version of a pin pointer, and sold separately they can pricey.


Very accurate

Accuracy when you’re hunting is crucial. You want to know when something is actually valuable or not before you dig it up, or you’ll be disappointed and tired from digging holes. That pinpointer really comes into handy with the Bounty Hunter QD2GWP.

Easy to use

Another strength that the Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II has is its ease-of-use. It has a one-touch depth control where you can easily adjust the sensitivity to locate hidden goods and an adjustable shaft so kids and adults can comfortably use the detector.


Some metal detectors can be thousands of dollars. This Quick Draw II is pretty affordable compared to that price, but isn’t so cheap that you have to worry about it falling apart or not performing well. It is a good investment if you’re thinking about really getting into metal-detecting as a hobby and is a good upgrade from a cheap model with less features.


Tricky to figure out

If you’ve never used a metal detector before, you might have trouble figuring this out. If you don’t know how to best use the detector and pinpointer, it might seem like something is wrong with the technology. If you want a metal detector you can just pull out of the box and go, this isn’t for you. Take the time to research before you start and make the right adjustments for your goals.

Overall Review

Weed out trash and only find goodies with the Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II’s auto and selective notches. The included pinpointer is extremely useful and saves you a lot of time when you’re actually digging around looking for stuff. The detector is pretty easy to use if you’ve played around with a detector before, and has great features for the price.