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Rugged, comfortable metal detector designed for extreme ground conditions

If your idea of good hunt with a metal detector involves more “extreme” ground conditions like a saltwater beach, the Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV was designed with you in mind. It has numerous features meant to make looking for treasure in extreme conditions easier, and has a rugged, comfortable design so you can hunt for hours. Read on to learn more about the three hunting modes, detector coil, and problems you might encounter.

3 hunting modes

When you get your detector, you have three preset modes to choose from. Using the Motion All-Metal setting will detect every type of metal the detector comes across, while the Discrimination will only alert you when something good is discovered. The last setting of this Bounty Hunter, the Two-Tone, will let you know whether or not the item is good with audio signals.

Preset ground balance

Depending on where you’re hunting, there might be a lot of iron in the ground which will interfere with your detecting. The TK4 Tracker IV is set up with a preset ground balance so all that iron in the ground is differentiated from valuable metals you might come across. You are free to hunt in more iron-rich ground than you would if you used another metal detector.

8-inch open coil design

In all metal detectors, the coil is what determines how deep the detector can reach. The TK4 Tracker IV’s coil is an 8-inch, open coil that can locate coins (and anything shaped like a coin) up to 8 inches underground. It can detect larger items up to three feet down.


Designed for extreme ground conditions

With this metal detector, you can hunt in a variety of “extreme” conditions and the detector will stay balanced and sensitive. This means you can hunt on the beach by an ocean, where normally the high salinity levels would interfere with the detector. With the preset ground balance, you can hunt on land that has a high mineral content and the detector will know the difference between ground iron and treasure.

Neat extras

The TK4 Tracker IV comes with some neat extras that add to its appeal. You can adjust the height so shorter or taller people can use it comfortably, and it also has a padded armrest and detector stand. These extra features help make the detector comfortable and user-friendly.


The coil and stem are completely waterproof, which adds to the metal detector’s rugged abilities. You can search in wet grass, lake water, and saltwater, where lots of treasure tends to hide.


Only three modes

The drawback to the Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV is that it only has three modes, and those modes are very basic. Many metal detectors have a discrimination setting that’s separate from a hunting mode, and more precise settings that let you search specifically for jewelry or relics. However, those tend to be a lot more expensive, and with the TK4, you’ll still find more treasure than trash.

Overall Review

The Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV metal detector allows you to hunt in places other metal detectors won’t. Its preset ground balance, Discrimination mode, and waterproof coil all contribute to its extreme conditions usability so you can hunt around (or in) ocean water and on ground with a high mineral content. With this affordable detector you can search up to three-feet deep for coins, jewelry, and relics.