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Extremely affordable, three-mode metal detector ideal for beginners

If you’re just thinking about trying out hunting for treasures with a metal detector or you have a kid who’s begging for one, the Garret Ace 150 is easy on the wallet and offers some really cool features that make hunting effective and fun. It offers three modes, four sensitivity levels, and is very easy use so anyone can go out and look for coins and other goodies in their backyard, parks, and so on.

Three modes

With the Ace’s three searching modes, you can search specifically for jewelry, coins, or set it to all metal. The detention technology is able to determine metal types and shape so you will be alerted when a coin, a ring, or any sort of metal is beneath your feet.

Four sensitivity levels

The more sensitive the detector is, the more it will pick up. You can adjust the sensitivity between 1-4 (four being the most sensitive) with the easy one-touch operation.

Coin depth indicator

Knowing how far down something is saves you a lot of time and lets you know how hard you have to work to get it. With the coin depth indicator on the Garret Ace 150, you always know how far down something is, up to six inches. This is a really good depth for such an affordable metal detector.


Incredibly easy use

The Garret Ace 150’s greatest strength is probably how easy it is to use. With a lot of detectors, they have so many modes and buttons that it takes forever to figure it out. The Ace 150 is much simpler: just push the power button, select your sensitivity, and then what mode you want to search in (coins, jewelry, or all metal). It also uses four regular double A batteries, so you can start hunting as soon as you get it.

Rugged design

Another cool feature on this metal detector is its sporty design. It’s made for field use and durable enough for kids to use. It also comes apart in three pieces for easy assembly and travel.


This is a really affordable metal detector, as in, the most affordable one you can get that has all the essential features. It’s a great first metal detector whether you’re an adult wanting to get into a new hobby or you have kids who are interested.


Not for experienced/professional hunters

Because it’s so cheap, it lacks some of the features that an experienced or professional hunter needs. For one thing, the Ace 150 doesn’t do great a job distinguishing between minerals, so you’ll dig up a lot of rocks. If you’re a serious hunter, you’ll want to spend more money on a really good detector.

Overall Review

The Garret Ace 150 metal detector is ideal for beginners. It has a lot of cool features, like a really strong depth indicator (6 inches) and a very user-friendly menu display. You can hunt for coins, jewelry, and all kinds of metal with the three modes, and adjust the sensitivity between 1-4. It’s also sturdy, so it won’t fall apart after only a few uses or if your kids are playing rougher with it.