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Rugged metal detector with pinpointer feature, high sensitivity levels, and improved coil

The Garrett Ace 250 picks up where the ACE 150 left off, and improves on a host of great features. The Ace 250 has 5 hunting modes including a pinpointer feature for precise hunting, a wide range of sensitivity levels that you can play with, and an improved Performance coil that lets you search more ground with one sweep. To learn more about these and the Ace’s other features, read on.

Five modes

When you first start using the Garrett Ace 250, you can simply choose from the five preset hunting modes, which is two more than the original 150 model, or design your own using the Custom option. The modes are Jewelry, Relics, Coins, Custom, and All-Metal. You also get a special pinpoint mode that helps you zero in on an item.

12 element notch discrimination

With many metal detectors, you can only discriminate generally from “trash” or “iron,” but with this one, you get a 12-element notch discrimination tool so you can check off what metals you don’t want the detector to find. This allows you to search specifically for items like gold jewelry or silver coins, and is especially useful if you are looking for something you lost.

Eight sensitivity levels

Having a good sensitivity range and knowing how to use it can make hunting very effective. You get a sensitivity range from 1-8, which combined with the notch discrimination and preset modes, allows you hunt for specific items deep underground that other detectors missed.


Easy to use

When you first get the Garrett Ace 250, all the settings can be intimidating, but the metal detector automatically sets itself to a default mode so you can start hunting right away. The unit is controlled with a microprocessor and as you get used to the detector, making adjustments to the modes or notch discrimination is easy. Just because you don’t have a ton of experience, it doesn’t mean you have to go with a less powerful, less accurate detector.

New Performance coil

The coil on the Ace 250 is an improvement from the one on the 150, so you can cover more ground (10 inches, to be exact). The coil is shaped like an elliptical, which is what allows it to hunt a wider area in one sweep. It is also waterproof.

Improved options

Another one of the Ace 250’s strengths is just how much of an improvement it is over the Ace 150. Price-wise, you don’t pay a whole lot more, but you get more hunting modes, better accuracy, and an overall more precise and powerful experience so you can find more treasures even in areas you’ve already gone over.


Slow sweeping

If you like to be able to hunt quickly, you’ll find that the Ace 250 requires a little patience. You have to move the coil over the ground slowly to get the best results. This is normal for metal detectors with bigger coils, and since you’ll find more treasures that way, taking a little extra time isn’t a problem.

Overall Review

The Garrett Ace 250 metal detector is not only an improvement over the Ace 150, it is an excellent metal detector in its own right. With five, adjustable hunting modes, a wide sensitivity range, and a 12-element notch discrimination, you can hunt for specific items like jewelry, coins, and relics without having to deal with trash or ground iron alerts. Despite its multitude of settings, the Ace 250 is very user-friendly and allows you start at a more basic level and work your way up. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, you’ll get a lot out of this metal detector.