350 Metal Detector
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Powerful detector ideal for saltwater and mineralized ground hunts

If you want to hunt for treasures on the beach or if your backyard is very mineralized, the Garrett ACE 350 was designed with you in mind. It has a special coil for dealing with saltwater, enhanced iron detection, and even includes headphones.

Five modes

When you set off on your metal-detecting adventure, you probably want to hunt for a variety of treasures. With this detector, you can choose one of the default discrimination patterns (jewelry, relics, coins) or customize your own based on the type of metal you’re searching for. There’s also pinpoint and zero modes on this Garrett so you can search for very small objects more precisely.

Enhanced iron detection

If you’ve hunted at all in the past, you know that picking up iron in junk is a problem. With the improved iron detection on the Garrett ACE 350, the detector can better separate treasures from useless iron so you aren’t digging up lots of trash.

Continuous coin depth indicator

Knowing how deep something is in the ground is very important. You don’t want to find something and then just keep digging, hoping you’ll just happen upon it. With the continuous coin depth indicator, you can get a much clearer idea of depth and save yourself a lot of time.


Works better in water and mineralized ground

One of the unique strengths of the ACE 350 is how well it performs in saltwater and mineralized ground. The secret is in the coil. It’s a large, PROformance DD search coil that has a blunted tip and tail. It has better depth detection and reduces the level of interference that high salinity and mineral levels tend have on detectors. You can search much more efficiently on a beach, in the ocean, or in ground with a lot of iron and other minerals.

Better at finding small objects

Most of what you’ll find as a hunter are small objects like rings, coins, bullets, and so on. The ACE 350 has a higher frequency, so it is better at detecting those smaller finds than metal detectors with only lower frequencies. In general, the higher the frequency, the better the find.

Includes headphones

Most metal detectors require you to buy your own headphones, and using headphones greatly improves the hunting experience. The ACE 350 comes with headphones included, so you can save some money and get started right away.


False signals

One of the issues with this detector is that it tends to put out a lot of false signals when you’re on the beach. Instead of digging up treasure, you’ll find a lot of trash. To improve your experience, set the sensitivity level lower so it isn’t detecting every tiny bit of foil it comes across.

Overall Review

If you’ve really wanted to hunt at the beach, where lots of treasure tend to hide, this is a great metal detector. It has features like an improved coil that help deal with saltwater issues so you can find more treasures and less trash. the Garrett ACE 350 is lightweight and easy to use, and still pretty affordable even with its unique enhanced iron discrimination and coil features.