Garrett AT Pro
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Precise, all-terrain metal detector with 6 hunting modes, strong iron discrimination, and quick recovery

The Garrett AT Pro metal detector is a great metal detector to grow into. It offers 6 hunting modes, three in a basic form and three in a pro, so once you’ve mastered the basic settings, you can move up. It also has great iron discrimination and the ability to find small items in spots other metal detectors missed. This review will describe these features in more detail and also point out some of the flaws you might encounter.

6 modes

When you first start using the AT Pro metal detector, you’ll probably be most comfortable using the Basic hunting modes: custom, zero, and coins. These give out basic target chimes. When you’re ready for more precise hunts, move on to the Pro modes, which have the same names as the Basic. You also have a pinpointer feature you can use to quickly find out exactly where your item is.

Iron audio

The Iron Audio is essentially a way to fine-tune the iron discrimination on the metal detector. The metal detector uses three tones (low, mid, and high) to alert you to items. High tones tend to be the best treasures. When you’ve turned on the iron audio, you adjust how the metal detector uses these tones. For example, if you set your iron discrimination to 30 and turn on the iron audio, the low tones end at that number and the mid tones begin at 30 and go to 75, where the high tones would then start. This is an incredibly useful way to hear what your metal detecting is finding. Many detectors don’t have differing tones and just use one to alert you to anything it discovers.

Land & Water: All-terrain usability

With many metal detectors, you are rather limited in where you can use them. Areas with a high mineral content or water (especially salt) can interfere with the detector’s settings and make it hard to find good items. The AT Pro is designed for use in tons of environments (dusty, humid, wet) and is waterproof up to 10 feet with its PROformance DD submersible searchcoil.


Strong discrimination

With this Garret metal detector, you get a really strong iron discrimination. With an easy-to-use touchpad, you can adjust the discrimination using a 40-level range for precise and accurate hunting that eliminates trash.

Finds little treasures in small spots

There are lots of tiny treasures out there that are hard to find, like little rings, small coins, and so on. More often than not, these treasures are in tight spots. With the double D coil that looks at the ground in a slice-shape and a 15 kHz frequency, you can more easily find those little goodies tucked away.

Fast hunting

Another bonus to the Garret AT Pro is the fast recovery time. When you do find an item, a lot of metal detectors take a while to reset, forcing you to stand around and wait. This metal detector has a quick recovery time so you can start hunting again soon after you find an item.


Headphones aren’t good

The metal detector includes headphones, but they are essentially useless. They’re cheap and you probably will just want to buy a nicer pair yourself. Getting headphones is a good idea though, as you’ll be able to hear the audio cues better and have more privacy.

Not great in water

The Garrett boasts to be all-terrain, but doesn’t work very well in water. This is unfortunate, as a lot of a good treasures like to hide in ocean sediment and lake beds. It’s better that the coil is waterproof though, and you can probably still find a lot of stuff when you’re mastered the settings and are able to work around some of the issues.

Overall Review

Overall, the Garrett AT Pro metal detector excels at iron discrimination and finding small items. If you are a true treasure hunter and aren’t planning on using the detector to find water pipes or larger objects, this is the detector that will find small rings, jewelry, and coins, even in tight spots. You get six modes (three in Basic, three in Pro) that help you learn and then bump you up into more advanced hunting.