XL Natural
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Fast, even-heating grill with lots of power and unique cooking space features

The Broil King Imperial XL is a huge grill with dual-tube burners, a side burner, two ovens, and a rotisserie burner, making it one of the most versatile grills out there. Its massive cooking space allows for a variety of cooking methods all at once, all powered by high, even temperatures.

Dual-tube burners

The secret to such high and even-cooking temps is the dual-tube burners. These patented burners allow for hot temperatures to be distributed evenly across a wide surface, so there aren’t any cold spots that will cause cooking problems. The dual-tube burners total a consistent 60,000 BTUs.

Side burner, rotisserie burner, and two ovens

In addition to the main burners, the Imperial XL boasts a 10,000 BTU side burner, a 15,000 BTU rear rotisserie burner, and two ovens with built-in oven lights. The Broil King 957647 is literally a whole kitchen in one machine. The smaller oven has a reversible cast-iron grid so you can use one side to create grill marks, while the other side has grooves so you can baste.

Flav-R-Wave cooking system

Another feature that enhances your grilling experience is the stainless-steel Flav-R-Wave system. As juice from the grilling food falls, the Flav-R-Wave catches it and vaporizes it into flavorful smoke. The Flav-R-Wave is also responsible for creating an even heating surface and protecting the Imperial XL’s burners.


Cooking space

The Imperial XL’s greatest selling point is the sheer amount of cooking space you get with the grill. Without the two ovens, you get 1000-square inches of total cooking space. That includes the main burners, side burner, and rotisserie, providing you with increased cooking method options that a lot of grills don’t have.


Another advantage to this grill is that a good deal of its size is devoted to storage space. The Imperial XL comes with two pull-out utility drawers and a tall pull-out drawer so you can store grilling tools, utensils, plates, and so on, making the grill the complete package.

Grilling control

When it comes to grilling with the Broil King, you have total temperature control. The Linear-Flow valves and 180-degree Sensi-Touch knobs empower precise temp tweaking so you can master all of the cooking method options the grill provides, like slow-roasting and searing.



This grill has a lot of parts, which is standard for large grills like the Imperial XL. When you first get your grill, expect to spend a few hours at least on just putting it together. It comes with instructions, so spend some time familiarizing yourself with the manual before jumping right into it. Make sure all the parts are included and have the customer service number close by in case you need help.

Intimidating for novice grillers

The Imperial XL was not designed for newbie grillers. Because it has so many cooking spaces, it is right for you if you have experience grilling and want to continue pushing the envelope. If you’ve only grilled on a basic, 4-6 burner grill, the Imperial XL can be pretty intimidating and you might find yourself ignoring the ovens and rotisserie. To combat any fear about the grill, spend some time researching how to roast birds in a grill oven, how to use a grill rotisserie, and so on. With practice, you’ll feel less intimidated.

Overall Review

The Broil King 957647 Imperial XL natural gas grill is a large, feature-full grill that is ideal for people who plan on cooking for a crowd on a regular basis and want the option to grill in a lot of different ways, like roasting, searing, and so on.