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Strong, fast-heating cart-model grill with six burners total

The Napoleon Prestige is a small grill that packs a lot of power. With six burners total (four main burners, a rear burner, and a side burner), you can still cook a lot of food at once on a grill that doesn’t take up a ton of space. Jet-Fire ignitions make starting the grill up super easy and an even-heating surface cooks all your food perfectly. The Prestige also comes in a liquid propane model.

Hot, even temperatures

Starting up the grill is simple with the Jet-Fire Ignition system. With just the turn of a knob, the pilot light leaps to life in a second.The grill heats up fast and the double-lined roll-top lid keeps all that heat insulated and evenly-distributed while you’re grilling.

Rear and side burner

In addition to the four main burners, the Napoleon P500RSIBNSS has a rear and side burner. The rear burner is an infrared with a BTU of 19,000. The side burner has a 13,000 BTU. Individually, both of these burners have a higher BTU than many other burners on other grills, making them ideal for searing and other cooking that requires very high temps.

Optional charcoal tray

One of the cooler features on the Prestige is that you have the option of adding a charcoal tray so you can actually grill over charcoal on a gas grill. This enhances the versatility of the grill and gives you the choice of having food flavored with that distinct charcoal taste while still being able to switch back to gas whenever you want. You can purchase the charcoal tray separately.



This little grill is strong. With its stainless steel cooking system, sear plates, and WAVE rod grids, the Napoleon Prestige is designed to handle a powerful amount of heat and last for years. Stainless steel also helps the grill resistant to rust and wear, and is easy to clean.

Compact size

If you don’t have a lot of deck space, the Prestige and its compact size are perfect. Unlike the huge, heavy grills that dominate whatever area they’re in, the Prestige is cart-style with a space-efficient roll-top lid and easy-roll locking casters. Storing the grill when you aren’t using it (like during the winter) is also much easier.

Cooking space

Despite its size, the Prestige still has an impressive amount of cooking space. The main burners, you can cook up to 30 hamburgers at a time and 8 burgers on the side burner. With six burners total, you have the same amount of primary cooking space as you would on some of the much larger grills, all in a much more space-efficient package.


Poor temperature range

With smaller grills with high BTUs, the heating surface tends to get extremely hot. While this is good for many foods, it means the temperature range isn’t very good. You won’t be able to get to very low temperatures with this grill, making grilling large cuts of meat or roasting pretty difficult. Experiment with the rear and side burners to try and get cooler temperatures, as well as keeping the lid open so the heat doesn’t insulate as much.

Overall Review

For a compact grill, the Napoleon Prestige has a lot of versatility and primary cooking space. You can even convert the natural gas into a charcoal grill if you want with the sold-separately charcoal tray. If you don’t have a lot of space, but still want a upper-end grill with powerful burners, the Napoleon Prestige has a lot of features that larger grills have while being much more space-efficient.